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Back pedaling in housebreaking


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Peeing and pooping. We know that she knows to go to the back door, but yesterday peed in the house 5 times and pooped twice. Confined to kitchen and back room, we were all in the room when it happened each time. Do I have to watch her every second of the day or have others seen a bit of back pedaling in the housebreaking at around 7 months? Asks to go out ALL THE TIME then doesn't apparently do her business out there. Live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, currently littered with squirrels and rabbits and falling leaves. Wonder if she's just distracted.

"Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that is how dogs spend their lives." - Sue Murphy

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She could easily be distracted... I would go out with her and if she doesn't go, when you go back in, tether her to your belt loop and keep her close. Try again in 15-20 etc.... It sounds like a hassle but you want to get a handle on it now. The other thing that comes to mind is that if this is a sudden regression, something physical is ailing her. A complete blood panel, not that expensive, may give some light. Good luck!

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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I Completely agree with Jetersmom and would like to add that it is well worth the trouble. Paco, age 2 is absolutely fabulous - when taken out,

he does his business immediately which is fantastic when the weatherconditions are bad. He is taken for a walk only AFTER he has done his business.

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when you say "backpedalling," do you mean there has been a change in her behavior? like, she used to be housebroken and now isn't? if there is a change, something is causing it, either there has been a change in the household that is stressing her or she has a medical problem.

if there isn't a noticeable change, but she is just being slow about completing her house-training, it does sound like distraction is an issue. it seems like she just likes to be out, and doesn't consider going out to necessarily have much to do with peeing or pooping. if she needs to be watched (the belt thing is a good trick) to reinforce the connection, that might be what you have to do. it sounds a little bit like she is fond enough of going out that she had decided that that is the big thing in life, and things like housetraining aren't all that important. insisting that she produce something before being allowed to play (or stay) outside would probably do the trick.

7.5 months is not too old to have to be reminded of these things. for some dogs, refresher courses are needed at 7.5 years and later.

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