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Twitter User Compares Dogs to Food and Objects

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Karen Zack (@teenybiscuit) has taken the Internet by storm with a different kind of Hunger Games. She created memes, which she’s posted to Twitter and Imgur, asking people to pick out curled-up dogs next to bagels. It’s harder than you’d think:

puppy or bagel ? pic.twitter.com/OMse97hlTn

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

March 8, 2016


The post has since gone viral, earning coverage in the New York Daily News, Food and Wine, and Tech Insider.

She’s also created a few other equally entertaining memes comparing dogs to blueberry muffins and fried chicken.

"I've been making these animal/food comparison tweets for a while," she told Food and Wine

chihuahua or muffin ? pic.twitter.com/LzZ1lwoVrP

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

March 10, 2016


labradoodle or fried chicken ? pic.twitter.com/wn5bdjdtDf

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

March 3, 2016


Zack has made canine comparisons to more than food, too.

sheepdog or mop ? pic.twitter.com/TQ8qUoNNj9

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

March 9, 2016


She’s also featured other species:

shrew or kiwi ? pic.twitter.com/kdWbMaWHEz

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

December 10, 2015


ducking or plantain ? pic.twitter.com/GLkiwqCH29

— karen zack (@teenybiscuit)

November 20, 2015

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