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What to Do If Your Dog Needs a Wheelchair

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Have you ever wondered if your dog needs a wheelchair? Many senior dogs and dogs with joint issues show signs of mobility issues later in life. If your pet is showing any changes in mobility or exhibits pain when walking, talk to your vet immediately. Your vet may recommend a wheelchair.

When you first learn your dog needs a wheelchair, it can seem overwhelming. There’s a lot to do, and many pet wheelchairs are expensive, but don’t fret. Buying a wheelchair for your dog can lengthen your pup’s quality of life, so investing in quality products is key. To help you with the transition, we’ve created a list of everything you should do or buy if your dog needs a wheelchair.

Step 1: Research and Buy a Wheelchair

Once you learn your dog needs a wheelchair, it’s time to do your research and find the right chair for your dog. Not every wheelchair will work, so it’s important to find one that’s suitable and reliable. Here are some dog wheelchairs that are great options.

The Original Dog Wheelchair


“The Original Dog Wheelchair” was designed, built, and tested in an orthopedic veterinary hospital. It’s made from aluminum and fits most pets. It can be used as a walking cart with your dog’s paws on the ground, or as suspension, with rear legs in protective slings.

The 46 individuals who purchased this wheelchair love it, and gave it an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon. Customers call the product a “lifesaver,” “top-notch,” and that they highly recommend it. They also say it has absolutely improved the lives of their dogs. Price: $269

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Small Dogs


The”Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair” is suitable for dogs with limited or no mobility in their hind legs. This chair makes it easy for your dog to maneuver while keeping him stable. With this chair, your dog can also go exploring because it has dense foam wheels with rubber treads.

With more than 118 reviews on Amazon and 4.2 out of five stars, you can rest assured knowing it’s a real, helpful wheelchair. Reviewers praised the quality product, saying it’s easy to adjust, easy to put together, and called it a “true blessing.” Price: $249

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Large Dogs


Need a “Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair,” but for a bigger dog? Check out the large dog’s wheelchair. Like the wheelchair for small dogs, this chair is lightweight, aluminum, and makes it easy for your dog to maneuver on all terrain types. However, it’s for large dogs up to 180 pounds.

This chair has an average rating of 4.3 out of five stars and customers gave great feedback. Reviewers praised the chair saying it is easier for their dogs to go to the bathroom, and move around. Price: $479

Adjustable Dog Wheelchair for Low-riders


This wheelchair is specially made for Corgis, Dachshund, Basset Hounds, or other dogs with long bodies and short legs. You can choose a chair based on hip height and width, then according to the dog’s weight. Price: $129

Step 2: Look Into Dog Wheelchair Alternatives

Some dogs need help getting around, but a wheelchair isn’t always the right fit. If that’s the case, look into some alternatives. Other products can also be helpful in improving your dog’s mobility, in addition to a wheelchair.

Dog Support Sling


This dog support sling helps dogs support their body weight while standing up. It’s great for when your dog needs help standing up, climbing stairs, and using car ramps. In addition to the sling, it comes with step-by-step instructions so you’ll know exactly how to use it.

The 525 customers who left reviews gave 4.1 out of five stars and praised the sling saying it saved their dog lives. Price: $23.99

Dog Lift Harness


Need a dog sling, but with a little more support? This dog lift harness is made to stabilize dogs who are losing their balance with joint injuries or Arthritis. The sling is also breathable and your dog can use the bathroom while wearing it.

The 164 customers who have bought it gave an average of four out of five stars and praised it, calling it helpful and that it works great. Price: $29.98

Walkin’ Scooter


If your dog’s rear legs are paralyzed, this walkin’ scooter will help. This scooter allows rear paralyzed dogs to scoot around quietly. While the scooter is breathable, it’s also lined with soft fleece and can be used with a diaper. Price: $194

Step 3: Make Your Home Dog Wheelchair Accessible

Once you purchase a sling or wheelchair, it’s time to make your house wheelchair accessible so your dog can get around more freely. Here are some ramps that are worth checking out.

PetSafe Car Dog Ramp


Whether your dog has a wheelchair or just bad hips, this car ramp help your four-legged friend get in and out of cars. While the ramp is mobile and easy to move, it’s tough, made from aluminum, and can support pets up to 400 pounds.

With more than 880 reviews and a 4.8 out of five-star rating, you can be sure you’re getting a reliable ramp. Price: $99.95

Stair and Ramp Combo


You’ll also want to invest in a ramp or stairs for inside the house if your dog is allowed on the furniture. This ramp is light-weight and easy to move room to room.

This product also has more than 850 reviews and has an average of 4.4 out of five stars. They praised the product saying it’s an excellent product and “dog approved.” Price: $59.99

The AKC independently selected each product featured in this article. If you purchase a product through this article, we may receive a portion of the sale. While we do our best to update links often, please note that prices and deals are subject to change.

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