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Using Technology To Improve Your Dog’s Life

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Most dog owners would love to spend more time with their pups. Keeping track of daily activity and rewarding good behavior can help ensure happy and healthy dogs. Thanks to technology, no matter where you are, you can do all of those things and more.

Now, you can keep in touch with your pets using interactive cameras, and monitor their health using activity trackers designed just for dogs. These devices improve owners’ lives, helping catch health problems early, nipping behavioral issues in the bud, and increasing investment in your dog’s well-being, even when you aren’t around.

By incorporating pet-centric technology into your daily routine, you can enrich your dog’s life, improve yourself as an owner, and strengthen the bond between you and your pup.

Activity Trackers Keep Dogs Healthier

Fitness and activity trackers have exploded in popularity, as more humans strive to stay active and healthy. Now, dogs can get in on the action too with the Sure Petcare Animo activity and behavior monitor. This clever little device attaches to your pup’s collar to track behavior and activity, and even includes 24-hour monitoring for while your dog is sleeping, offering a full, round-the-clock snapshot of your dog’s daily health.

The Animo lifelong activity tracker and behavior monitor for dogs helps you stay on top of your pup’s health and behavior, and even lets you share this information with multiple family members through the Animo app. Think of the activity tracker as an early warning system to help keep tabs on any possible health issues your dog might be experiencing. Plus, it lets you know if your pup is getting enough exercise throughout the day, so you can work on ways to keep your dog more active if necessary.


When synced via Bluetooth, the Animo behavior monitor enables alerts for when your dog exhibits a significant increase in behaviors like barking, shaking, or excessive scratching. Gaining early insight into such issues is crucial to identifying problem behaviors, and addressing them before they are allowed to develop or worsen.

At the end of the day, sound sleep habits are increasingly insightful measures of overall health, and Animo unlocks this information through a nightly “sleep score”, which monitor’s the length and continuity of your dog’s sleep session, as well as the amount of movement measured.

Bond Virtually With Pet Cameras

While at work, many dog owners want to see what their dog is up to, even just to say hello. Now you don’t have to leave your desk if you invest in an interactive pet camera. Pet cameras offer features that allow you to do things like speak to your dog, give them a treat, or engage them in a game. Cameras help you keep tabs on your dog and bond with them too, and they can make a good training aid for conditions like canine separation anxiety.

Technology Helps With Dog Training

To make training easier, use a remote-controlled treating machine when teaching your dog behaviors like “stay” and “leave it.” The beauty of these machines is that you can easily reward dogs for answering a command when you’re not standing next to them. This feature also makes them a great way to reward your dog for sitting quietly and not begging at the dining room table.

Microchip-activated pet doors allow your dog — and only your dog — to come and go into your yard for potty breaks throughout the day, which prevents accidents and helps with dog potty training.

Automatic Feeders Prevent Overeating

While it’s easy to leave out a dish brimming with dry kibble for your pooch to snack from while you aren’t home, this can lead to binge-eating and canine obesity. Instead, use an automatic feeder that allows you to portion out your dog’s food throughout the day.

Some feeders work on a simple timer, while others allow you to feed your pup whenever you wish using an app or a virtual personal assistant. Even more tech-savvy feeders open and close when triggered by your dog’s microchip or a special collar tag, helping to keep dogs in multi-pet homes from eating each other’s food throughout the day.

Exercise Your Dog’s Mind & Body Through Technology

Don’t have time to play fetch indoors with your dog? Consider a device that tosses balls to your furry friend when you aren’t able to. This may help keep your dog’s mind engaged and body exercised.

Simple interactive dog toys are a great way to keep your dog occupied during the day. There are also toys that roll around on their own to really get your pup moving. Some of these toys even let you control their movements through an app, so you can play with your dog while out of the house.

You’ll even find dog-specific treadmills of different sizes to keep your dog exercised when you don’t have time for long walks. Always make sure to supervise your dog while on the treadmill, though, to prevent injuries.

Apps Help You Care For Your Dog

If your pup’s Animo activity tracker is letting you know that your dog needs a bit more exercise, or you want to give your pup a bathroom break on days when you’re working late, get a little help from a dog-walking app.

During home visits, walkers send photos and videos of your pup enjoying a stroll, fun playtime session, or potty break, so you’ll know that they are caring for your pup properly.


Technology for dogs can help make your life as a pet owner easier and more rewarding. For example, you can use the Animo activity tracker to monitor your dog’s health and behavior throughout the day. Or, pop in on camera if you notice that something’s amiss. At the end of the day, study your dog’s sleep patterns to help dig deeper into the root of concerning behaviors.

Having these pieces of technology at your fingertips will help give you peace of mind and ensure a better relationship and stronger bond with your dog.

The Animo activity tracker is available for purchase on the Sure PetCare website and on Amazon.

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