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  • Rosie's Home Cooked Diet

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    Sam I Am

    • Ingredients

      This is for our 19 pound Cairn.


      • 1/2 cup cooked extra lean hamburger or less expensive cuts like eye of round
      • 1 heaping tablespoon  lightly steamed and puréed green beans, yellow beans, carrots, broccoli, (frozen from Costco),( romaine lettuce, a bit of kale is also good, a handful of blueberries, which I include when making batches of veggies)
      • 1heaping tsp of pumpkin or sweet potato
      • 1 vetri science multi vitamin.mineral or RX vitamin/minerals 
      • 1tsp of olive oil or salmon oil or 1/2 sardine [packed in water]
      • 150 mg calcium citrate (I crush it )
      • a small piece of chicken liver,or heart, once a day or other organ meat. 


      • The same as above, except I leave out the vitamin pill and oil and organ meat.
      • Other half of the crushed calcium pill.


      I cook the beef (Leaving it somewhat pink medium rare to rare) and freeze it in containers, , steam the veggies  or buy frozen veggies which have already been blanched so no need to steam , and I usually throw in half an apple or a chunk of banana,a cup of blueberries and put that through the blender. I package it separately from the meat and freeze them also. Add the yam(orange kind) and oil/sardine  at feeding time. 

      Try changing the protein every so often(slowly) just so they don't build up an intolerance as some dogs do. Also with the sardines and organ meats introduce slowly. I would also start slow in things like organ meat to much is a recipe for the Hersey squirts, same with the sardines. I don’t give my dogs liver as it’s to rich for them but beef hearts or chicken hearts and gizzards are ok in small quantities. 

      Notes, Options, Substitutions

      If we all think about it why would a dog not do well on real food! How does everyone think dogs survived, and had longer lives , before the big pet food industry came into being. They have worked hard to tell people that real food is harmful for your dog! Really...where I stand If I know what goes into my dogs daily food how can they not be doing great! Calcium  and  a veterinary approved daily supplement will insure they get the correct vitamins and minerals. 

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    Rosie's home cooked diet recipe was perfect, by Terrier Lover. I've been searching online for a while trying to figure out the amounts to feed Brinna. Last fall, she started vomiting up her food and constantly eating grass. I put her on chicken and rice for a few days, then tried to put her back on her dog food. The vomiting started again. Took her to the vet, who do x-rays and ran some blood work. Everything came back normal, so she put her on a prescription diet. More vomiting. Tried her on a hydrolyzed diet, which nauseated her! I put Brinna back on chicken and rice and the vomiting stopped. hummm..This spring, I decided to go the homemade route, but could not find a good diet with set amounts. I've read a LOT! ha. 

    I was giving Brinna the right foods, but had not yet added calcium outside of her daily vitamin. 

    Hopefully this all works out. Thanks again Terrier Lover. 

    Nancy and Brinna


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