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  • Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence

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    Your Cairn will almost certainly be a rebellious teenager, earlier than you think and for longer than you would wish. You have work to do and this book will help you address most of the trouble spots that inevitably crop up, giving you tools and encouragement. While her writing style and methods may not be for everyone, I appreciate in her style that we can be both exasperated *and* keep our sense of humor and wits about us. 

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    Carol Lea Benjamin


    Wait can also give you your dog's attention when he is about to do a disappearing act. The dog who fully understands that come means he's going back on-leash, into the car or into the crate or kennel may be reluctant to do so. But calling out "Wait" may give him pause. An assertive "Down" would be an excellent follow up — and would give you a much better chance to recover a run-away than would a straight recall.

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