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In praise of local clubs



Today our local Cairn club had a small brunch at at local landmark — McMenamin's Kennedy School — to celebrate ten years as a club.

Our club president has been culling through the club scrapbook and web site archives and with the help of her cousin put together a look back at our first ten years.

I think we've been lucky in the Northwest to have a two excellent Cairn clubs and in watching those photos of Columbia club activities for the past ten years roll by I am reminded that they have been important parts of my enjoyment of the breed.

I recognize that population densities differ, and the geography of the United States is vast, so not everyone has access to the Cairnish resources that we enjoy locally. If you do have access to a Cairn club within a few hours of your location, I would encourage you to reach out. Here's a list of clubs affiliated with the Cairn Terrier Club of America.

But knowing that not everyone lives near an affiliated club is one reason that I feel motivated to maintain CairnTalk in support of a similar sense of Cairnship. There are many other Cairn resources available online and by analogy to geography, other sites or resources may be closer or further from your needs or wants in a Cairn community. Yet after many years, with ebbs and flows and comings and goings, CairnTalk is still humming along. I am constantly touched by the warmth, spirit, and humor of those who grace this small forum. I think the Cairn naturally brings out our better nature :)

Thank you for your past, present, and future contributions to this remarkably civil online community. Your Cairnship too is an important part of my enjoyment of The Best Little Pal.

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When the person who put it together sent it to me for some review I was surprised at how much it affected me. Especially remembering the times with people and dogs who have passed.  On the cheerful side, I had no idea there was a song about Cairns :P

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Thanks for this. It ws wonderful. Also thanks for this forum, in my area there is only one cairn terrier.  So I really enjoy reading, laughing and crying with all on this forum. Again, a big thanks for all your hard work.

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Enjoyed this. What a great club.

And what a great club this forum is for members spread far and wide.

Thanks Brad for keeping it going with such care and humor!

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How does one join a local club? We live in Bethany and I'm sure our daughter Lily (10) & her feisty companion Fury (2) would love getting involved in an event or two. :)

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All clubs will have a membership policy that describes for them how to join. Example: http://www.crctc.org/page/about/membership.html


As you're local to me, I'd recommend starting by attending a few club functions. That's how you'll begin to meet people who will eventually sponsor your application. Club members will be found at the local shows. And any Cairn-interested person is welcome at the club Christmas party (it's a party - you really do not have to be a member, just a Cairn person!). Good food and lots of local Cairn folk.  http://www.crctc.org/calendar/event/74-holiday-party/

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