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Cairn Talk Anniversary


Event details

Cairn Talk in the current configuration was opened on June 29, 2002.

coffee.pngscone.jpgJust for fun, CairnTalk members who RSVP for this online event will be entered in a drawing to receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

Any response — Going/Maybe/Declined — will enter you.  You won't have to "go" anywhere … this is an online event. 

Winner will be chosen by random number generator from all RSVPs. 

RSVP to Enter!  Just click a button. It's that easy. 



Recommended Comments

Autumn & Lola


8 p.m. in what time zone? Eastern? Pacific? Somewhere in between? :D


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It's noon pacific but the time zone corrects automatically for your browser's time zone; so 8PM for you. 

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If I wasn't a long way away I would be there with bells on my toes.  So I am sending  myself there in spirit :P.....where ever "that is" 

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Geez, give a guy a moment to finish his peanut butter and banana sandwich :P  The accountants have been sworn in and given the enumerated list. They will be feeding it into the random number generator shortly. 

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Autumn & Lola


Haha. It took me a minute to realize to what you are referring! :D  Are the accountants of the 4-legged variety?  Oh, and if it picked me by some miracle (I never win anything), you'll have to pick again, since I'm not in the USA. :D


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Well I dodged the bullet of international postage. Sorry you didn't win. According to atmospheric noise the winner is: 

12. tlwtheq. Congratulations and thanks to all who participate in CairnTalk.


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Autumn & Lola


Yeah, Tara!!  Congrats! :D

I thought everyone was going to come to this room at 8/whatever local time.

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Sure . . . I've been working my butt off all day, slaving over tax returns and dealing with wack-a-doodle people, and you have all been here partying.  Save me a big glass of wine for when I get off work.:P

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1 hour ago, Autumn & Lola said:

I thought everyone was going to come to this room at 8/whatever local time

Ah, well, uh, the thing is I have to sort of pick *some* time when the entries close. But now you mention it, I can see the ambiguity. If I do this next year I'll try to a bit more precise :P 

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What..the party is over! Humppffff....good thing I didn't win either...the scone would have been very dry and dusty if it had to be shipped up here . But on second thought it would be a good deal $5 US  to Canadian $...I could have bought a scone AND a coffee. Anyway, glad you won Tara, you deserve it!


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