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photo editing software glitches

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Although I wasn't completely happy with HP Image zone plus it was all that I had working when I downloaded Windows XP service pack two. Now that it won't even start up I have learned from the HP website that there is a fix however it says it must be installed BEFORE service pack two. Am I totally out of luck? No where on the site does it say what to do AFTER service pack two is installed. I can't use the other editor in my microsoft works packet, it can't display the thumbnails for some reason. I really want to size a photo down to email and post size but can't.

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Sorry I don't know anything about HP Image Zone (nor XP service packs) - google has a free and wonderful image application called Picasa that does basic image correction as well as resizing.

For occasional use, the online image resizers mentioned here can do the trick.

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Nope, Picasa downloads some of the photos then gets stuck. Tried it three times. The camera reads the photos but the computer can't so I guess it's the card or my RAM. Can't video either then because it's the same camera.

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It's funny, 12 years ago 90% of all my editing was done in Photoshop.  Now days, it's 90% in Lightroom.  Lightroom is very powerful and easy to use.  

Gimp is pretty good and considering that it’s free, it’s pretty spectacular.

If you want something more photography oriented I recommend DarkTable which are sort of comparable to Lightroom .

Darktable is similar to Lightroom in use case, and GIMP is similar to Photoshop. 

more free photo editing programs here: https://www.xp-pen.com/forum-1790.html

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