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Toilet Training help... please!


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Hi, I have just discovered this forum and it is such a great idea! Everyone's Cairns are so cute! I will add photo's of my two soon!

Anyway, to the problem.

I adopted Duncan, my 5yo Cairn 3 years ago, after he was dumped :(

Over the last three years Duncan & I have put many, many hours into all sorts of training, with fairly great results. From a stubborn, dominant dog, he now accepts my husband and I are boss, he comes, sits, "stick-em-up"s, lies down, uses his doggie door, loves his crate at bed time and when visitors/children are over, and after a solid 8 months training I had finally convinced him the bathroom was OUTSIDE.

6 months ago however, we moved house. As this house had never housed pets I did not believe toilet training would be a problem. I was however wrong. He always has access to front and back yards by doggie doors, he loves the garden, but it does not matter whether there are people home, or the dogs are home alone he will only go outside if he is actually already outside when the urge comes.

Since then I have tried absolutely everything I can think of, have been recomended, or read and would love any sucess stories of mature re-toilet training! I am nearly at the point where he will have to become an outside dog (which would break my heart) or he will have to wear nappies/diapers (which would break his, I am sure!)

My other Cairn Terrier (cross), who is nearly 2, and who was also adopted (after being abused, poor baby, but she is much better now and her little spirit is slowy repairing!), nearly 12 months ago, is fine with 'going' outside, loves her training time and will do almost anything for a treat (She is still to lear exactly what to do with a 'toy', but we are getting there!).

Please, any advise or help would be greatly appreciated!

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I think you'll be best off starting from square one like Mysticsol8 suggested. You should schedule potty breaks and gradually lengthen the time between. You wouldn't necessarly have to use a crate. You can also tether him to you with a leash when you have things to do around the house and otherwise would not be able to watch him 100%. Also, don't give him control over the whole house but limit his area until he is trustworthy babygatting a room with easy to clean floors or using an ex-pen.

I have two foster puppy mill pups that are one year old and ince they probably had no potty training until what I am doing with them, I started in the way I described above. When either lifts his leg to mark or have a potty accident I yell ACK and set them outside saying "potty outside". This is working well and I think if you are patient with Duncan it will pay off for you too! :)

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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