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Mushu and his family


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I posted this picture somewhere else, but it was a reply to a different kind of thread, and I wanted to specifically brag about this picture of our whole family.

Doesn't Mushu look so much in character?

I love my crazy Mushurrusco...!



Lili, Toño, Luisa, Gabo, and Mushu.

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You have a beautiful family and Mushu looks like a little devil! Great picture, can't believe you got the kids and Mushu to sit still! Nice photo! You should blow it up and frame it!

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Thks to all for your nice comments.


My husband already picked up the prints and we each get one for our offices, plus one for our home, of course!

Thanks again.


Lili, Toño, Luisa, Gabo, and Mushu.

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oh ! Beautiful family ! Very nice

And Muschu is very cute !

Where does the name "Muschu" from ?

I believe it's the name of a animated cartoon's character, isn't it ?

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Thanks to all for your nice comments. :blush:

Pegasus: Mushu is indeed a cartoon character. He is the little dragon in the Disney movie "Mulan". That was the movie going round and around in my DVD player around the time when we were going to pick up our puppy. I asked my daughter if she liked the name "Mushu" for our new dog and she said yes. So he had his name even before he got here.

Scully's Mom: I didn't! It was actually a timer shot, so I had to set the camera and then run the steep and uneven small bit to pose myself. It was pure luck!


Have a great week!

Lili, Toño, Luisa, Gabo, and Mushu.

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Mushu is 8 months old. And yes, he is as mischevious and tricky as the crazy little dragon.

I'm hoping he's done growing. I used to have a miniature poodle, so I feel Mushu is huge! When are Cairns full grown (at least length wise?).

Lili, Toño, Luisa, Gabo, and Mushu.

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The information our breeder provided us says that Cairns usually are considered adults at 12-18 months old, and that normal weight is 15-16 lbs. The C.T.C.A. Breed Standard says that ideal size is about 14 lbs., height about 10", and length from 14 1/4" to 15". Obviously in the real world there are variations. Some Cairns weigh 18-20lbs. or more, and their owners say that they are not overweight, merely muscular, while others remain in the 12-13 lb. range and are smaller in stature. Mushu looks like a healthy, happy dog, and whether he is larger or smaller than the Breed Standard isn't nearly as important as that. The joy he brings your family is obvious in your picture and your posts, and at only 8 months old there's more growing to do and more fun to be had! Good Luck! :thumbsup:

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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