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It just never ends


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I swear, sometimes I think Toby has to get into "something" at least once a day. Yesterday, he snagged two dvds my daughter had received in the mail. He will jump and eyeball what's on the kitchen counter, couple of more jumps and he has it dialed in, next jump it's his. Luckily, I busted him with the package before he got to the actual dvds.

Tonight I made a sandwich, a friend came over and I went outside with her. A hour later I came back in the house and Toby had some light yellow icky stuff on his face. I had just given him a bath a few hours earlier, as we had been to the dog park and I wanted to wash all the cooties off of him. Upon closer examination, it turns out it was the margarine I had left on the counter.......I had pushed it way back, which means only one thing.....Toby (the brain) and help from the brawn, my boxer Blue.They are both lucky that they are good companions.

I had wanted to do the add sardines or eggs to Toby's diet for itchy skin, but I do think it got his dose of oily food for the month.

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Aren't they the clever ones to work together like that. On the other hand, maybe Toby was just using Blue and kept the whole "treat" for himself!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Hey, Puddlesmama has the right idea. I mean instead of keeping all the entertainment for yourself....share, share, share and make some money at the same time. You have the right attitude, so proud of your fur-kids, I mean they really must know how to work together for the greater fun of the day.

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