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Look who's talking now?


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Joey. He tries so hard. Forms little nouns and vowels. His best accoplishment (obviously because it's a favorite) to date- "I want out"!

Is it just me(us)? I don't own a video camera but I wish I did. My wife tells me now he's working on "momma" because he often gets asked things like, "Do you want to go for a walk with mommy"?

I know it's not much for a 2 year old but we're proud of him. How about your's. What are thery saying?

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I have always wanted a 'talking' dog. You know the kind - lots of funny noises, answering back when you talk. Margie, my little 2 year old is the most vocal dog I have ever known. She squeeks, grunts, chirrups, harrumphs, whines, and I think she can say 'momma'. She's not a barker - very seldom does she bark but, boy, she makes up for it in the funny noises department. I am trying to teach her to say 'I love momma'. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Sophie is the 4-legged talker in this family. Most people think she's just growling, but DW and I know that she's talking to us. " I gotta go potty", " It's time for dinner", " Pick me up and scratch my head", " How about that nite-time treat?", and "Don't you think it's time for bed?". These are all things she says everyday, unfortunately they are all said in "GROWL-SPEAK", which only a few can interpret, but we are becoming more fluent in it everyday, and soon we may even be able to respond in growls that are familiar to her. She is the dominant one of our 2 dogs, so I guess it's only right that we learn her "language". ;)

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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Thats funny...Sometimes when Puddles does her...how to say "yordleeeeeee" She is trying to form words..Im glad I can say that here cause everyone here in the real world thinks I fell off my rocker for my dogs :)


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