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Gus has turned into a cat .


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We've long suspected Gus's upbringing (5 feline siblings) was effecting him but now we have photo proof. We were out in the yard chasing rabbit tracks and getting our exercise, when we came in I came in to check email. When I came out of the computer room guess who was napping in the cat tree?


I fear it's finally happened, my little Cairn has gone completely feline.

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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That pic is just toooooo cuuuuute! I have heard of litter boxes for dogs...as a matter of fact my very first cairn back in 1980 I had to use a litter box to travel across Nebraska (take as few stops as possible - I was a lot younger then). I think Gus is a big keeper of fun and likes to amuse his top dog. Could Gus be the one to excel in talent and humor?

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Oh sure......that's really a cat in drag! :D

Greg and Val Perry

Home of Kula RN CGC, Am. Can. Int'l. CH Cairngorm Coffee Tea or Me RA ME EE2/Can. SE NAJ NAS CGC (Kona), CH Clanmarr's Steele Princess (Hattie) and CH Scotchbroom Thistle The Patriot SE (Sully) Visit: CroftersDream.com

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We've decided if he starts sharpening his claws on the furniture or we find him up a tree he's off to Cairn counseling.

As to the great cat box idea it's not going to work for us, in fact we had to put a child gate up on the door to the boot room and the litter boxes to keep him away from them and allow the cats to jump the gate. The reason is to disgusting to talk about :sick:, the dog in him still rises to the surface from time to time. Oh, and he loves to swim so I guess there's still hope he will break this feline spell and return to full dogness .

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Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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so funny... Puddles thinks she is a cat..and Lilly the real cat thinks she is too.


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