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I know they are smart, but C'mon.


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OK, I think we all agree that Cairns are very smart dogs, but this is pushing it a bit.

One of the first toys I bought when I got Renny was a small white squeaky ball that looks like a small baseball. They sell for only about 2 dollars at ACE Hardware, so I wasn't surprised that the quality isn't very good, and the "squeakers" quit working after only a short time. But he loves them, and to this day, are his favorite toy. So I try to keep a couple of working ones around.

When the squeaker quits working, he will take it someplace out of sight and bat it around and bite it just right. Then when he brings it back to me, the squeaker is WORKING again!! I have no idea what his secret is, but I have tried everything I can think of and have not been able to fix them, but he gets them working again.

I never thought I'd have a dog who could actually fix toys instead of destroying them.

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my guess is that renny finds a way to bite the squeaker so that the old hole is closed off and the air goes through the squeaker again. wonderful talent though. maybe ACE would pay him five dollars an hour to fix broken squeak toys.

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Grace would LOVE to have Renny visit for a weekend. As soon as she gets a squeaker she makes it her mission to destroy the toy and rip out the squeaker.

Renny, can you PLEASE visit our house??? I think you and Grace would be the best of friends!

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Renny, can you fix my toys even though I've taken the squeakers out and chewed them up? Do you, like, have extra parts around?

~ Packy

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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there was a show on National geographic about dogs last week and today. one of the dogs they showed ( i think a dovermin) would arange his toys in gemetrical shapes, mostly triangles, but also in lines and semi circles. He would also agrange them by what kind, (frog, ape) and face up and face down.

The first time the owner put her arm around the dog, the dog started agranging the animals with their arms around each other.

Its freaking crazy, but it just shows how much smarter animals then we give them credit for!!!

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sheila and Misty

thats neat! maybe they stop sqeeking because theyre loaded with doggie drool and maybe he takes them somewhere and "shakes the SPIT out of them" :whistle: (tee hee)

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I'm rather surprised at the number of replies on this sort of off the wall topic. I have to admit it's the first time I've seen a dog actually fix something!!

I asked Renny if he would like to go into the toy repair business. Since I'm retired and don't work, he figures he doesn't want to work either. So, sorry, don't send him toys for repair.

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