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Hey, Dawgs! Whaddidja get for Christmas?


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WOOF! Eli, here.

I got this stuffed toy that has a tennis ball with a bell in it in one part and it had a squeeker in the other part, which I promptly removed. I guess it's supposed to look like a cat, so I pulled off the whiskers and eyes. There's a rope thing thru it so I can take it away from the uprights when they try to play with it. I have almost de-stuffelized it. I like the look of blobs of stuffing lying around the house, don't you?

I also got a big ol' bag o Mother Nature's treats, made of apples and turkey and other yummy stuff. I have trained the Alpha B to give me one whenever she calls me into the house.

What did YOU get????


Eli :santa2:

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Oooh, I got to go away for a weekend and play with all my friends at the pet lodge, and then I came home, and I got a "Rib in the Blanket"-a yummy yummy bone with a rawhide wrap from Merrick. Super the best! And this pully chewy thing, to play tuggies, and wrapping paper! I love wrapping paper. It's pretty and tasty. And treats.

No squirrels though. I have to talk to Santa about that.

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Well the uprights here made my day and got me all kinds of yummy treats. They showed some smart thinking and got me a bowl that really says it all!


Dirty Harry


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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Puddles says....I GOT A NEW SISTER!!!! And I got me a new crate pad and got me 2 BIGGO rolls of natures balance I got me some Bully Sticks and a big hug from mama.

Iris says......I got me a new mommy and sister and brother and this funny lookin sister that hisses.....But I know she'll like me soon... I got me a new crate and a blankie. And a shirt that says "I am smarter than your honer student"


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All we got was a box of 20 7" Bully Sticks! No toys at all! We've been gipped!

(of course we have 3 toy boxes filled to the brim in differnet rooms of the house, but really can you have enough)

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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I got this white thing with black spots that daddy calls a madcow. Not sure what it is but there's a little squeaker in it that I cannot get out :censored: Also got a little squeaking chew bone looking thing that I like the best. Oh, and treats, and treats and more treats!!! The best thing was getting to hang out with my upright sister and all her friends. They thought it was funny that I'd sit with them and listen to the conversations. What, do they think I'm stupid? I can listen occasionally without being all crazy :twisted:

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Oh, I had a way cool Christmas and we just got home! We were at Grandma & Grandpa's house for a week and while I was there, I learned that I don't have to eat my food unless Grandma puts turkey in it! Mom hasn't done that at home yet tonight, so I'm just leaving that food sit there. I'm sure she'll learn soon.

Santa brought me lots of cool stuff! I got a new pillow case for my pillow, TWO new collars and one of them is camo so I can sneak up on the fish and ducks in the lake! They'll never see me 'cause I'll be camoflauged! Oh, and I got a bully stick and finally, the BEST present ever! A DUCK! My very own stuffed duck so I can practice jumping on it and riding it like I did with the real one in my lake last week. Oh, man, I'm going to be so good at duck riding!!! I've got to get that squeaker out of it though...

Oh, and I almost forgot about the snow! It was so cool and I burrowed and ran in it until I was one big snowball. I love snow!

~ Packy

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Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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sheila and Misty
:D I was definately spoiled , Mommy ,daddy and santa gave me 5 toys and chewy sticks and a pillow and lotsof stuff I got to open them all ! I even had a stocking with some neat treats - once I had my stash-hmph! mommy put most of the treats away. but I see them and theyre all mine! I even got a toy in the mail from my aunt ade in Tucson Ariz,,,and grandma carie gave me a furry bone toy and so did my mommys friend and my next door neighbor -Im soo very lucky ,,sounds like evryone has had a great time!
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Woohoo dawgs, sounds like everyone had so much fun!

I got to go to grandma and grandpa's house too, but then they sent me off to a new doggy hotel for a few days while they visited my other grandma and grandpa without me for christmas. Then my grandpa sprung me from the joint and I got to snuggle on the couch with my grandma all day long till mommy and daddy got off their plane. Im SO glad they didn't take me - I HATE PLANES! Grandma made me peanut butter doggie COOKIES!!!! I got a couple toys but I only have eyes for the gingerbread man that I stole from under the tree before christmas. I was smart - I stole it the day after my birthday so mommy got soft and didn't take it back from me. I hear its okay, cuz it was just a present for my new cousin who is a grumpy ol chihuahua that I'm not allowed to meet cuz she's too grumpy to play! okay, i gotta go scm some more of those yummy cookies from my humans....later dawgs


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4 fuzzy balls

1 Dale Earnhart squeaky car

2 baby budda buddies

1 stuffed candy cane toy

And grandpa and grandma got us each doggie diapers.... I suppose that's what like the equivalent of humans getting socks or underwear for Christmas.... oh joy.... the velcro sound freaks us out and we want to take it back but there apparently is no gift receipt.

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Nigel here...We got to go see our Arkansas grandparents and our Indiana grandparents. Aislinn has never seen our Indiana grandparents. And we got to meet Papa's brother and his family. It was a blast! Our Indiana grandparents thought we were both cute, funny and well-behaved...they're right, of course. So along with lots of love and new things to sniff we got treats, a rope, and a gift certificate. Grandma knitted Aislinn three sweaters, too.

Happy New Year!!

"Lord help me be the person my cairn terriers believe I am."

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Yo, Eli!

Long time no woof!! Mom has not been on the forum FOREVER, and she just got on tonight and saw your post about Christmas presents! She said she missed reading all the letters from everybody!

Anyway, I got some cool ball and rope thingies that Mom gets at the dollar store! She says she is so thankful that she can get dog toys so cheap, since I destroy them in 10 minutes flat! Heh Heh.... I am still up to no good!! I got one toy completely ripped to shreds while the uprights opened their gifts! I still don't understand why they don't shred up THEIR gifts like I do!! They like to keep their stuff so nice and neat! Go figure....

But look out Dog Fancy.....Here comes Barney, looking very sassy in my new Land's End plaid jacket from Grandma and Grandpa! Check me out in this photo!! I'm ready for the runway!! It even has reflector tape on it so cars can see me! Think I can catch the eye of some of those girls on the forum??.....Hmmmm.....Haven't seen any pics of Ms. goforette's girls in a long time....I bet they are gettin' C-U-T-E !!!!

Gotta go! Mom says she'll try to write more often! Goodness knows I keep her plenty busy!!

Later, Dude!



All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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