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This is for those of you who do such a great job taking your Cairn's pictures. After you've taken a picture, how do you fix the "blue eye" that sometimes shows up when you've used a flash? I've got Adobe Photoshop Elements and I can use the Red Eye correction tool, but their eyes end up looking so dead. Packy has beautiful brown eyes, but when they're fixed in photos they just look dead! They seem to look better when I leave a little blue in, but that's not his true eye color.

Guess I'll have to find the Photoshop forum somewhere and see what they have to say...

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Here you go: http://www.fotographic.net/forum/forum_pos...TID=27&PN=1

I found several suggestions, all about the same: use the sponge tool set to desaturate. Unfortunately, that doesn't really let the natural eye color show.

To get natural eye color I think you have to avoid the red/blue eye in the first place, and that's all about the flash. If you have a point-and-shoot camera, try not using the flash and getting your (diffuse) light from other sources. Or if you have the ability to aim your flash, bounce it off the ceiling or a deflector, or diffuse it.

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I have photoshop CS3

I create a new layer duplicate the original photo into the new layer in case you mess up

use the color correction blush I m not sure if elements has it. If it doesn't then use the paint brush and clone tool and play with it a little until you get the look you want.


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for future picture you'll want to avoid using a flash. when a flash goes off the light bounces off the back of the eye (in humans this makes it red becuse of blood in the eye) which is what causes your dog to have funny colored eyes. Just use a lighting source such as sunlight or just a well placed lamp. hope this helps!

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Another hint if you use the flash, try taking the picture from a slight angle instead of from straight on. This way the flash doesn't bounce off the back of the eye like andrewnamy says.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. My flash is built in and I never even think about turning it off -- duh! As for layers in Elements, yes I have them but I haven't tried that out yet. I can use the color correction brush, so I'll give that a try instead of the Red Eye removal tool.

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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