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Toto in "Tin Man"


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I hope this isn't too far off topic, but I'm curious.

I watched "Tin Man" in the Sci-fi channel. For those who haven't seen it, it is a "darker" version of "The Wizard". I am curious what breed the dog playing Toto is. At first glance, he looks a lot like a Cairn, but his ears are partly turned down and on a closer look, the face is slightly different. He is a cute little guy.

Anyone know what he is?

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Ok I was really bad...I watched the whole thing. And from what little I could see of "Toto", looked like he had some Border Terrier in him. As for the long tail, yeah, I kinda don't know or at least could not tell what else he had in him. Was a good show...all the words they used or names they had to see how similar it was to OZ.

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I think he has a face like a Brussels Griffon that my MIL has. I was disaapointed in the role of Toto and I only watched the first part of the miniseries.

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I thought by the picture i saw it was a border terrier. My girlfriend has them, looked like hers. I have Tin Man on the dvr, maybe i'll watch it tonight. Looked kind of wierd.

BTW, speaking of Oz....did anyone see the statues of the Wizard of Oz from Jim Shore? Kind of quirky but cute. You can see them at www.JimShore.com

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Thanks for the replies. I'm guessing that the Norfolk Terrier is the closest, although a mixed breed could be a possibility.

Since we are Cairn people, I'm sure most of us would have prefered a Cairn as Toto, but most folks probably wouldn't notice the difference. All they will see is a small cute dog.

For those who haven't seen Tin Man, it is a much "darker" version of the original "Wizard of Oz", and I was surprised that it was quite good. I expect it will run several more times. One suggestion for those who think you'd like to watch it though. If possible, record it to watch later. It has an ungodly number of commercials, and being able to fast forward through them is a real timesaver.

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I often wonder is "Toto" in the Wizard of Oz, is even a Cairn Terrier. I often told my husband that Archie's pedigree must be wrong b/c he doesn't look like Toto, but since I joined the X-mas card list, I find he looks just like all the other Cairn terriers. The only difference is his ears flop and that is b/c we have chosen not to groom his ears.

So, it leaves me to question Toto's actual breed.

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