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dogs think abstractly


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Interesting! I'm always interested in learning about the way dogs think... my perfect job would be observing/studying dogs all day long :)

Along the same lines of the study - I'm always amazed that Bruski can pick his bone and/or ball out of a pile of toys.

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Yesterday we had a 4 inch snowfall, Skippers first. While he was running and exploring this new experience, I asked him to find his ball, he did find it. One did he rememeber where he had left it, two did he find it by sense of smell, or three, did Skipper just find it out of blind luck.

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I don't know I happen to think they are thinking abstract all the time. Watch them in a pack of different dogs...they pick out the one they think is trying to control every one and just look at them and the whole atmosphere changes. Ours would go out into the little pack over the holiday weekend, and once they came out the little pack would change pace from chaotic to calm and listening. My boy, Ashes (has a ACL knee; so he does not run at top speed), he started barking and being as the yard was at least 3 acres there was probably no way he saw anything. Anyway, the boxer of the group ran over to him tilted his head and then started barking and running ahead to get whatever Ashes said to get. It was like my little dog has his own hit-man (Cairn Mafia). I was surprised and curiuos, what was said, what was not said. They controlled the little pack all weekend. One little beagle seemed relieved when they would come out to the yard....it was like "Thank goodnes your here....now get everyone under control!"

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Dogs have alot more then instincts. Theres no way that everything could be purly instinct, they can use disgression between toys and items that cant be chewed on. val chews on his cloth stuffed animals, but not my mittens or clothes on the floor. He chews on my weights, but not his crate or food tin. Theres no way that dog DNA has, dont chew on the Giant Tin even though its filled with food. or Dont chew on the mittens but chew on the mitten shaped toy.

I think people are too proud to admit that maybe were not the only ones with Some level of intellegence. There was also a recent paper about how a specific group of Chimpanzees in Africa, the femals learned to use sticks as sort of "Spears" in hunting for food, not just sticking it down in a whole, but using them to actually impale other creatures to eat. Thats not instict.

Once i get my Phd In biology, i'll prove dogs are smart and intellegent, not encoded with all information before birth.

First i need to get my bachelors in biology.....

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sheila and Misty

very good topic! I am a firm believer of many diferent life forms that are able to think and reason and ..dogs ....if people truly tried to understand them and others creatures needs for survival communication between man and all animals would definately show a huge improvement in communication- which has to be rationalized . Just because they as animals they say its instinct-hello... . couldnt follow instict if your brain wasnt functioning. We do alot by instict ah satify cravings? itchy? sleepy? I have to let it go at that- I could go on and on but I wont. yep- they always have something going on in that little fur bean of theirs!

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I enjoyed reading that article and reading your follow up comments. I think dogs are smarter then some realize as well. Our boy Abe is too smart for his own good.

Recently, we have all been very busy, and my son and I were sitting in the LR, when he comes barreling into the living room and drops something in front of us and looks directly at me, with this see what I have look, then grabs it and we have to play tag to get it back (it was my knee high hose). Ok, then a few minutes later, the same thing, except something else. Finally, I look at Shaun and say I believe he wants some attention, and good or bad he is going to have his way!

Also, Abraham, can be anywhere in the house and you can say, go find a toy and we will play, and he comes and gets one from his basket and brings it to you. I have also observed him and Scruffy nosing through the basket to "select" which one they prefer to chew on at that moment.

I find them "smarter then the average bears!"


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