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Show questions about neutered/castrated


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I was reading the AKC rules and it said that their was competitions for Dogs that are Castrated and for dogs that are neutered. My understanding was that these are the same thing, but the way the rules read, seemed more like there were two distinct things.

Val has to get neutered to get his papers. But in case we ever get the chance to have him in a show, (which would be cool) it'd be a good thing to know what he

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I am not aware of any difference between neutering and castration; a castrated dog is a neutered dog.

If a neutered dog has AKC registration or an AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege the dog can participate in all AKC Companion and Performance events except for Conformation events. Companion events include Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility and Tracking. Performance events are open to specific breeds and for Cairns that would be Earthdog. There may be others but I just don't recall them off the top of my head.

My two current dogs are both neutered and, between them, have participated in Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Earthdog. My Toller has also participated in the breed club's Working Certificate Test. Both of my dogs also participate in UKC Obedience. If you look around there are lots of sports and venues open to neutered dogs.


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On the same note I have always wondered about the veterans class in conformation. Do dogs competing in veterans have to be AKC bench champtions? Usually a dog by then has been neutered. My Pepper was slated to be a show dog and I have always wondered how he would do in conformation. When he turns seven can he compete in a conformation veterans class?

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"It depends"

AKC has some funny rules for veterans classes, and it leaves some of the decisions up to the show giving club.

The AKC does not require that veterans be champions. (Don't remember if it allows the show giving club to require it, but I think so).

IF the show is a 'stand alone' specialty where the Best of Breed dog can't go any further, then Veterans can be shown spayed/neutered at the option of the show giving club

If the show is part of a larger event where the Best of Breed dog will go on to compete in the terrier group, then no spayed/neutered veterans!

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