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Turkey bath


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My brother and I (both in our mid-20s) cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year. Everything went well until it came time to cut the turkey. Liddy parked herself strategically beneath the table as my brother started carving. Somehow the aluminum pan the turkey was sitting in sprung a leak and turkey drippings started to spill on the kitchen floor, dripping directly on Liddy's head and ears. Needless to say, she was quick to "clean up" before getting chased out of the kitchen. Poor dog, she was just trying to help.

She's not allowed to have turkey and I was a little worried the bit of drippings she did pick up would make her sick, but she's fine and enjoyed her own Thanksgiving dinner of beans, carrots, potato and kibbles.

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LOL!!! We can't figure out what in the world our 2 did, but they both had some sticky/stiff substance on their heads on Thanksgiving. someone accidently dropped a piece of turkey and we picked it up.... we think it bounced on their 2 heads before making it onto the floor (and then retrieving it before they scarfed it down). Anyway, Bailey had a perfect little mo-hawk all night. it was the consistency of hair gel. we were laughing all night about it.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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sheila and Misty
liddy's lucky my dog wasn't visiting, he would have chewed her bald trying to get the luscious drippings!

I must really be tired because this comment made me laugh soo hard tears came to my eyes. :lol::lol: good story as well, luckily it wasnt a large leak be a shame to eat that turkey without gravey!

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That's funny! Ours would have licked her head clean also. When Hamm (our pug) eats he sometimes gets food on his face. My cairns clean his face for him. Maybe that is why he is happy all the time he gets lots of licks (kisses) from the Cairns.

How did your Turkey taste???


Rebel, Hammurabi, Sugar, Dirty Harry, Paint, Duncan and Saffron

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