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We had a bit of a disaster with Gus. Training tip?


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I was out of the house for a while and while I was away my wife was so busy Gus got overlooked a couple times and he pooped on the rug in the hallway by the door, poor little guy. I can only imagine how miserable he was before it happened.

Plan of attack:

We got the supposedly enzyme acting pet deodorizer spray and sprayed the whole area then left the rug out in the sun all day yesterday. Got up this morning and...ooops!...it was there again. This is after over a year of being totally foolproof and having complete run of the house.

So.... my new approach was to take his crate that he loves so much and put it in the hall over the spot we sprayed thoroughly and then when I fed him this morning (and from now on) it was on the rug by the crate in the hallway.

My thinking is he hasn't messed in his crate since he was 11 weeks old and loves it, plus dogs don't go where they eat so I'll turn his new found indoor toilet into his crate area and dining room.

Putting him back in the crate is doable but I like sleeping with him under my arm and sooner or later when we break him out at night the problem will still be waiting so I came up with the above.

What do ya think?

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Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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Relapses happen you sound like you are on top of it, you can always leave the crate door open but leave it over the rug and see what happens. He hasn't been fed at a different time than normal has he? Or had an upset thats unsettled him? when angus has an accident it's usually due to his colitis so I put him outside whilst I clean up and give the enzyme spay time to work then I let him in and carry on as normal, seems to work for him.

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I'll probably jinx this by mentioning it but it's been 11 days with no further mishaps. I do leave the crate open and I find him napping in it regularly, sometimes with Merlin. Between the crate in the hall and feeding him there he seems to have resumed his "good doggie :halo:" status.

Just in case someone else has the issue.

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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