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Hello, I just joined this forum. I am currently going through a divorce and bought a condo which I'll be moving into in December. I will be living with my 15-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter(when she is home from college). I have been researching dog breeds (currently have a beagle which my husband will keep). I'm pretty sure I have my mind made up to adopt a Cairn. I am looking for any advice you may have in helping to make my decision, as well as recommendations for books (I know there's lots of information on the internet, but I love books!!), and breeders - I live in MA. I'm looking to adopt in the spring. Thanks!!

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I am not sure of any books, I have one and I can not find it. It was good, if I find it I'll post it. I was really nervous about getting a Cairn after all I read but they are great dogs, its like with medication, they tell you what some dogs may be like but its not everyone.

I can make up your mind for you, get one, THEY ARE GREAT. LOL. I have always had larger dogs (Labs, boxers, Saint Bernards) and my family made fun of me for getting a "kick" dog but they have changed their minds since then. These little dogs are rugged, tough and can keep up with anything. I bring mine for hikes (ranging from 3-19 miles) and they do not skip a beat. They wrestle and play with my friends dogs (Lab, Akita, rotty, shepards) and they are just fine. Thats what I love about them, they can keep up like a big dog but they are cute and adorable. I also love their shaggy look, I could go on for hours but you get it, lol.

I am in NH so you aren't too far from me. As far as adopting check out Col. Potter Rescue League online, they are great.

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Cairns are wonderful dogs! I don't have any experience with condo living with a Cairn, but it's really good to have a fenced in yard. Cairns are a prey-driven breed and they will bolt the first chance they get. You would have to walk your dog religously, and have him on a leash whenever he is outdoor. That said, they are great companions and will shower you with love and devotion. If you are considering adoption, please check out the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network. You can get lots of info at their website: www.cairnrescue.com. Good Luck!

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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Yep, Cant beat the Cairn if you are a happy person and are ready for more happiness. They are the best "get off your butt" dog I have ever had. She keeps me active and smiling. Like a personal Trainer on 4 legs. Keep us posted!


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Love my boy to bits. That said check all the info and posts on grooming as it's not just a quick brush through. also these are high energy active little dogs who like mental as well as physical stimulation. They also like teenagers need to know the boundries and that rules are consistant. Check out you tube and search on cairn terriers for an insight. I particularly like 'Gus a cairn terrier- a life' reminds me of mine. Look forward to pics of your pup in spring.

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