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Planning ahead for vacation


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I've always recieved good suggestions to previous questions on this forum, so here goes another one.

Renny has NOT spent a night away from me in the two years+ that I've had him. I'm planning my first "real vacation" in years for next Summer, most likely in July. Initial plans are for the trip to last about two weeks, and will involve about 7 days of driving time. I know that that much time in a car would not be fun for Renny, plus, I'm not sure how welcome he would be at some of my destinations.

A neighbor has offered to take care of him while I'm gone, but it would consist of little more than feeding him and maybe taking him for one short walk a day. She's a nice lady, but I really doubt if she could handle him. He would have way too much "alone time" in the house.

My first thought is to board him at a local "Pet Resort" that has a good reputation. Since he has never spent a night away from me, I wonder if a couple of "Test trips" might be the way to go. I'm thinking of boarding him for a night to see how he does, and then maybe for a weekend before the trip. Do you folks agree with my idea, or do you have other suggestions?

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I'm sure it depends on the pet resort, but when we kenneled Packy about 2 years ago, he had a blast. Sounds like he didn't miss his mommy at all, which was a bummer for me! He got to play outside at least twice a day in a well-fenced and supervised area with other dogs about his size. While there, he fell in love with a Corgi rescue named Pickles and we almost ended up taking her home with us!

I have a friend whose husband is a vet and they also board dogs. She says people always worry so much about leaving their pets, but usually the dogs don't think a thing about it. So yes, you could try it for a night and see how he does, but I'll be he's going to be fine.

Have fun on your trip!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Thanks. It sounds like the pet resort you used has about the same features as the one I plan to use, with plenty of attention and exercise etc. It sounds like you and Packy had a good experience. That's the type of reply I was hoping for. The last thing I want to do is simply "board" Renny in a place where he's stuck in a kennel with little or no exercise or attention.


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We recently went to the Boundry Water's Canoe Area this summer and relied on my 18 year old son who stayed home and worked and supplemented with a lady who has a business called Home Is Where the Hounddog Is. She would come twice a day and let the dogs out, feed them and take them for a 45 minute walk. Maybe there is something like that near you? I think it might be a franchise, but not sure.

There are a lot of boarding facilities that now have webcams too so you can check in and see how your pup is doing.

What we all should do on this board is say what city,state and country we are from and provide doggy daycare for each other kind of like a babysitting coop when the need arises. :)

I know I would trust any of my cairntalk friends to care for my dogs over any other accomodation!

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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I have a great pet-sitter in the York, PA area if anybody would like the info just shoot me an email. She has been taking care of our girls for 4 years and she or somebody that works for her will stay at our house when we go on vacation.

I got a little jealous our first trip...hearing how much fun everybody was having that we ended up coming home a day early!!!!

Have a great vacation! Lynn

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I have been using a pet sitting service the last few times we have traveled. It is a half hour visit each time They bring in the mail, check the house, open and close blinds, turn lights on and off, etc.

Piper also gets walked once or twice a day and entertained.

We visited several "pet resorts" and kennels and felt he was better off at home in his own environment.

I also like the fact that someone is keeping tabs on the house.


Cathy and Piper

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