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Hope the Cairns of Southern California are safe


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I know there are breeders and families of cairns in the fire areas and wanted to let them know I hope they are safe and sound. We have heard

of many evacuations, not an easy task with ones animals I am sure. Please let those winds die down soon.

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My prayers as well.

Rhonda,Kramer & Angel Missy "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog". "It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are" Missy Rainbow Bridge Memorial

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Hello from San Diego. I just got back from volunteering at San Diego 211. It is a Goverment sponsored information number folks can call for all sorts of info. It's been another heck of a fire, I can see flames from my backyard.

I think the worst of it is over, the winds have seemed to calmed down. Compared to the Cedar fire of 4 years ago, San Diego was much more prepared. We now have resources coming in from neighboring states, I passed firetrucks from Neveda as I was on the freeway.

We now have agreements with our local Military forces to provide fire support for the community. Unfortunately, due to the winds they were not able to immediately utilize the air support that we needed.

To my knowlege, there has been one death due to the fire. Only having one death is largely due to the fact that San Diego now has a reverse 911 system. If you need to evacuate, you get a phone call telling you to leave. The system is used both for voluntary and mandatory evacuations.

I am native to San Diego and have witnessed many fires. We have not had to evacuate yet, but we are ready to go if and when necessary. Smiles, my household consists of my two grown children, a fiance of my daughter's, and two granddaughters, 3 dogs, 8 cats, 5 rather large turtles and a ferrret......lots of feed, kitty litter and water will travel with us.

A couple of interesting things about animal rescue and where the animals are now. The famous Del Mar Race Track is full to capacity with rescued horses (1500 I was told), and two Zebra's are also there. In addition to housing horses, the surrounding buildings are now shelters for their owner's and other people in need of shelter. Mission Bay is a lovely summer area, it has a "man-made" island called Fiesta Island. They are having the remaining horses evacuate to the Island.

During the Cedar Fire, I did animal rescue.....horses and dogs. I could go on for pages about that, but the one thing I did learn firsthand at that event was so many people wanted to help, tons and tons of dog and animal feed being dropped off and agencys didn't have storage. Cash donations, or gift cards were the most apprecicated items. The care of the animals isn't only a fire emergency, but a long term one. In San Diego, we have a major rat/rodent problem. Stored kibble versus the rats is a problem. I say, bring all the Cairn's to San Diego and the rats will flee.

Qualcom Stadium, home of the San Diego Chargers is now the major shelter for humans and their pets in San Diego. I have been contacted by a group called Noah's Wish, they were looking for volunteers. They are setting up "camp" at Qualcom to help pets with their needs. You can contact Noah's Wish via a net search. I don't know all that much about the org. other then they are non-profilt.

Best regards, keep us in all your positive thoghts !!!

Karen and Toby.

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Karen, thanks for your info on the disaster in Southern Cal. I know those of you who live there love it and for the most part wouldnt' think of leaving, despite the fires, mudslides, quakes, etc. Our son lived in San Diego for a couple of years and when we visited we were very impressed by the beautiful landscapes, the ocean, and the climate, but those natural disasters make it a little easier for us to put up with the cold & snowy winters here in Michigan. I'm glad you and Toby, and those dear to you are safe, and I'll pray that the fires will all be over soon. Kudos to you for your important work as a volunteer. Good Luck!!

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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This is headline news in the UK

My prayers are with all the people and animals who live there


It has often been said if you have a Cairn Terrier in your home for a year you will have one for the rest of your life

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Prayers, thoughts, and hugs to our California Cairn families. I would be terrified to see flames from my backyard! Thanks for posting your update and stay safe.

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