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So my cairn, Jake, loves his toys soo much he goes through them. He adores stuffed ones. He has one stuffed one that is from Coleman and it looks like a bear rug that has lasted the longest. We went out and purchased 2 more just in case.

He doesnt seem interested in Kongs any longer, however, the non edible Nylabones give him a work out. He loves pig ears but I dont give them to him regularly just every once in awhile.

So my question is; What do other people give their Cairns for toys? Where do you get them? Any suggestions?

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Scooter LOVED stuffed toys. He could care less about the kongs or tennis balls. He has a raccoon that I have to replace every few months (they play tug of war with its face) and I always have a few on hand hidden. I also have the same toy but is a mouse. They are cheap enough to replace and he LOVES them. Whenever he gets a new one he runs around with it and his head up high. I get them at Petco but I attached a link to show you what they look like. He has been playing with them since he was a puppy.


And outside he loves to play with his rope ball, he loves to play fetch and when he brings this back to me it is funny because he has to hold it up high so he doesn't trip over it and I will admit it is funny when the ball bonks him in the head sometimes...


Sadie's favorite toys are my socks or anything in the laundry pile she can escape with, like face clothes or smaller towels. It makes he day when she can manage to sneak something by me. But its REALLY cute to watch and i can't help but laugh.

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Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Mine loved stuffed toys. They last anywhere from one day to several weeks. I have to monitor stuffed toys closely as once the filling is lose, the squeaky is seconds away and they can choke on that as well as cloth pieces. I only allow them to play with them when I am there.

Sparky loves his prickly KONG dino. He has eaten half of it and even though Scruffy hates that toy, they will fight over it.

I give them sterilized cow bones laced with peanut butter.

They love my socks and bras (they think they are stuffed animals...)

I never give them rawhides or hoofs as too many digestive and choking problems

Scruffy is green tennis ball obsessed and will fight any other dog (other than Sparky) for one

They have 2 toy boxes brimming with toys and play with all of them. I do not agree with trainers who say too many toys are not good. My dogs, who are devil dogs, have never destroyed any of our personal property. I attribute this to good training, lots of exercise, but they also know what is theirs and what they are allowed to destroy.

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