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Did you ever wake up one morning and say to yourself "I think I'll teach the dog a really stupid trick today"?


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Well it happened to me the other day and after a few days working on it Gus is about 95 percent fool proof with it already.

He already knows the basics of (come, sit, stay, no, go, down, heal, truck up, crate up, and the ever popular, "Where's that ball"? asked with a quizzical tone so he runs all over the house till he finds it and brings it back to play hallway fetch).

Be that as it may and as much fun as training each other has been over the last almost a year and a half I decided we needed a "REALLY" dumb but cute one. Here's what I came up with.

I say Gus, come. When he runs over and sits in front of me looking up expectantly I bend over at the waist and put the back of my hands inside my knees with my hands spread open wide like I'm reaching for him. I then give the command that I'm sure will soon be included in the obedience trials, "Gus, I need a hug". The little Guster then stands on his back legs and puts his little paws in my hands and gives a jump with his back legs. He doesn't make it far of course but it's enough I get my thumbs under his little arm pits and pick him up to my chest and wrap my arms around him giving him a big bear hug while he lays his head on my left shoulder and has his paws on either side of my neck. I tell him he's the best dog in the world which of course he is to me and on occasion get my ear licked in return.

Are ya getting the visual on this one? :hug:

I get to full on hug him for as much as 15 or 20 seconds at which time I put him back down on his feet and rub his sides vigorously again making sure he knows how good he is and he gets so excited he runs around in power circles, growling and a wagging his tail about a million miles an hour and usually if it's in the house he brings back the ball for a game of hallway fetch. I train him, he trains me, it's a deal we have worked out.

Not sure this one will really make it into the obedience circuit but my wife and grandkids sure get a kick out of it. So does Gus actually, especially the part where I put him down I'm thinking. I remember being a little boy and having my aunts and grandma hug me so I know just how he feels. I think I ran around in little circles just like he does as soon as I could escape too.

As I've said before Gus is my first small dog. He's so different to train than an Airedale or German Shepherd or a Boxer but so incredibly special too. They sure make your life a lot more full don't they. Geeze I love this little guy :wub: .

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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You've got to video and post that on U-tube for us to see!

I thought you meant something different by teaching your dog a stupid trick - like the time I decided to show my German Shepherd that she could still look outside even if the venetian blinds were closed. Now, that was stupid of me. :shock: Bent slats in blinds are not nice.

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