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The phone is possessed


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My husband and I bought new home phones last night - the ones that have talking caller ID and the dogs are not a bit amused with it. They don't bark but they're paranoid when they hear it talking and stare at it for at least 20 minutes to a half an hour when it goes off - not even treats can distract them - they are focused - poor things. I hope they get used to it. Does anyone else have electronic gadgets that the Cairns find spooky?

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Our three cairns dont think the electronics are possessed....they just change the channel by stepping on the remotes. Strangely enough, our baby boy cairn (Pictured) took our cordless phone off of the end table and was rolling it around the living room after he dialed "07" Maybe he was calling your house?

I will look at the phone bill :)


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Mine go crazy over internet "sounds" that radiate from my computer.....CricketCast is a favorite but there are others....

I'm looking at some new dog toys today and the site has a preview of what the toy sounds like. I should have known better but I was curious....that ducks quacking came in so loud that I actually jumped outta my chair....you can only imagine what my 3 Cairns did. :whistle:

I would love to see their little faces when I'm not home and they hear my voice on the phones answering machine :lol: ....maybe I should have the message read...."Hi, we're not home right now. MADDY, get back into your bed and REMY, LEAVE IT !!!"

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my dog should be so intimidated. i discovered a few years ago he was punching the buttons on my cordless phone and dialing up people . got a few puzzled return calls after i got home.

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We have our television running through our receiver and stereo speakers. Occasionally barking dogs on TV

will make Sweet Pea inspect behind the speakers to find the offending party. Come to think of it,

everyone gets a little antsy when they hear barking dogs on TV. :)

Max and Nelly

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Mine gets a little fired up at barking dogs on TV, but goes and looks out the window to find the offending barker. Recently, he was in the same room as my sister's dog, and the other dog barked - Currey again ran to the window to find the source...go figure!

When the phone rings in our house, tehre is a pavlovian-esque response. He knows I'm going hurry to the phone, so he jumps up and chases my ankles. He loves to chase feet, but has learned when I'm about to answer a phone call, I likely won't stop to correct his behavior lest I miss the phone call!!

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There is a particular commercial that sets Henry off every single time it comes on. It came on during seemingly each commercial break one night and he went tearing through the house each time.

It's a commercial for cat litter, I think. A woman is falling off a roof or something and stops to scoop the litter (?). I honestly don't know what's really going on in the commercial because I'm so distracted every time I see it. A cat meows at some point in the commercial, and he goes nuts. He likes cats, has never reacted to other meows and really generally ignores sounds on tv. I don't know why this one meow bothers him so much!

Other than that, he reacts to the smoke detector (whining) and the kitchenaid (barking). I tend to burn stuff when I (attempt to) cook, so cooking can get noisy around here.

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LOL!!!! That's funny Stacy!

Darcy and Bailey take issue with my cell phone of all things. Can't figure out why. Oh... and Bailey notices when the lights turn off by our automatic timers. He doesn't freak out or bark, but he gets in the defense stance as if he is almost ready to warn an intruder.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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