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casey loves going for a swim in the kiddie pool but hates getting a bath.

now that the weather is getting cooler the kiddie pool wont be an option and she really struggles with me in the bathtub

any suggestions?

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How cold is too cold? Packy hasn't had a bath since March when he started swimming in the lake. He'll likely keep swimming until he gets icicles, if I let him. I make sure to dry him off with a big towel as soon as he gets out, but he sure likes that better than a bath. As long as I don't let him be out too long as it gets colder, our vet said he should be fine.

Here's another option we used on our first Cairn, Willie, who also hated baths. I took him in the shower with me. Okay, some people think that's weird, but I was getting wet anyway when he got a bath, so I figured I might as well just get wet and then finish up the shower after DH grabbed him out to dry. I held him to get wet under the shower spray, put him down to soap up, then held him again to rinse off. It was way faster than a bath and he was much calmer.

I will say that I prefer Packy's method of keeping clean better! Oh, the things we do for these little guys...

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Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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My 2 never really liked baths either and they struggled. I bought and attachment at the pet store for the shower head so it comes to the floor. They are not submerged. I just started bathing them really young and now they sit still and even jump into the tub. They still try to "escape" but if you keep doing it they will realize they have no choice. I also sit on the edge of the tub with my feet in the tub and try to hold them with my feet, I also pull the curtain almost all the way closed so they can't jump out.

With age they get better also.

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Yup, I take Kenna with me in the shower as well. I close the bathroom door and put towels on the floor. I open the shower door and let her out when I'm finished bathing her, and she does the dog "role all over the place to dry" thing on the towels on the bathroom floor. I then finish drying her when I get out.

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haha..yep me too....when i get out of the shower my entire bathroom floor has been wiped down Cairn style.


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Bailey goes in the laundry tub and then outside in a towel. I have an extension on the faucet to spray him He is pretty patient. I tell him he has to hold still and not shake. He hates to be dried with a hair dryer, so in winter I just take him to the groomer.


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