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i like to keep a collar with a tag on casey because im so afraid she'll bolt out the door or dig a hole under the fence but i'm starting to see the growth of her hair on her neck is getting stunted. i really want her hair to go in long and full but her scrawny neck looks pretty silly. do you guys leave a collar on your dogs?

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Yes, but my dogs are not show dogs so I don't worry if the collar breaks some hair. I don't let my dogs' hair get too long, so it's really not noticeable to anyone but me. A rolled collar rather than a flat collar will break less hair.

BTW - NEVER leave the collar on when you need to crate your dog and you are not home. Dogs - especially puppies - have choked to death when the collar has caught some part of the crate.

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I never keep a collar on my dogs. Don't think it would be comfortable. There is really no way they will escape because every door we use is enclosed. They are also microchipped in case something happens. I also NEVER use collars on my dogs, only harnesses. I saw a woman that had an older small dog that was healthy other than EXTREMELY hard time breathing, turned out she had a collapsed trachea due to the pulling with a collar on its whole life. I looked it up online and it can happen. I know they are not supposed to pull but it happens and I don't want to risk it for such a simple prevention. It has many other causes and is common in toy breeds but I am always taking precautions.



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Only time I use a collar is when we are in training mode and when there is no possibility for distractions such as our cat. If she has her collar on and we are on leash and the cat wants to antagonize her. Puddles will kill herself to try to get to the cat! So mostly we use the harness when we are walking or playing. I remove her gear every night and she gets a good rubdown. I add fish oil to her food every other day and since I started 3 weeks ago her coat is sooo shiny and healthy. May help with the breakage. Good Luck!


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I have collars on both my boys. I also have name tags with my cell phone and their microchip tags on it. I use collars from whitepineoutfitters.com. I think I got the small mini-snaps. They are extremely durable and don't cut their hair. They were recommended to me by my groomer who also uses them. And might I add, she is a perfectionist about her dog's hair to the 10th degree.

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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A rolled leather collar was recommended to me on the basis that it doesn't break the hairs on the neck. I've been using it for 2 years now, with great success. The hair on my Cairn's neck continues to be thick and full.


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Renny has had a collar on since day one. His "puppy collar" was quite narrow and kept loose enough that I can easily get two fingers into the collar while he has it on. While we were attending obedience training the instructor ( A local Vet) recommended a wider collar as being more comfortable. The collar has his rabies tag, City license tag and an ID tag with his name, my city, and my phone number on it. He doesn't have a microchip yet, but booster shot time is coming up soon, and I may have it done then.

On the occasions when the collar has to be taken off for any reason, like a bath, or to put on an updated tag, he gets mad about it, and fights it every step of the way until it is put back on. I haven't noticed any damage to his neck hair, but I think keeping the collar loose helps.

For our walks I use a collar that works similar to a choker, but is wide and padded to avoid hurting the dog if he pulls hard for any reason. I don't remember the brand name, but I got it at Petco. At walk time, when I pick up the leash, he stands still while I slip it over his head.

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