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Crate Training?


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im having some truble with this, he will go in his crate, sometimes, with his hind legs out, but its rare for him to go in all the way, i can put a treat in there, as long as i reach all the way to the back, then i sorta have to sneak locking it otherwise he'll run out. whats the best way everyone else has found to crate train their pup?

Thanks! Valentine, Andrew and Amy.

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casey is doing ok with her crate. shes about 8 months old and at night she understands the nightly routine and goes in freely

BUT during the day i do have to lure her in with a treat. how old is your pup? i think as long as you dont ever use the crate as a punishment then he eventually understand it to be his den.

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Brad's right, feed them in the crate and the pup not only connects the crate to a pleasant experience but even as a pup (within reason) they don't want to mess were they eat and sleep. That and the fact that when Gus was young we always had the crate in the room with us if possible (especially at night, right by the bed) and always had a favorite toy or two and a chew stick in with him.

Gus is 17 months old now and his crate is his "safety place", we can leave him in it at friends houses when visiting, go to a restaurant and he never makes a fuss. 9 times out of 10 if he's not in the room I'm in he's in the bed room in his crate, usually with Merlin the cat. Gus loves his crate.

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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We kept his food and water near his crate (when we still used it) but never in it. At night he got used to hearing "time for bed" and would walk in freely after he was about six months old. During the day, when we had to leave him, he heard "time to go home" and would freely walk into the crate and we'd reward him with a "cookie". He soon sensed when we were leaving w/o him and would go into the crate, sit and look at us as if saying "See ya later." Except in the evening, when he reminds me it's time for his walk, he headed for his "home" when he saw me putting on my shoes. We never used it as punishment and always kept it clean. He preferred the smell and softness of 3 or 4 old bathtowels to lay on rather than something stuffed. ANd we soon learned that anything stuffed he would tear apart. Bandit is nearly 3 now and he's out of the crate for about six months. His routine has changed only in the sense now that the Family Room is now referred to as home and he heads there when it's time for bed or for us to leave. Just keep at it. He'll learn. And he'll learn to appreciate you more when you're the one lets him out.

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