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New pics of Henry


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I've been reading the various puppy posts today, and I'm glad that I did. I had forgotten what having a puppy around is like. Henry mellowed out very quickly and (at 17 months) has got to be one of the laziest, happiest dogs I've encountered! I am really so happy that we chose to get a cairn vs. the other breeds we considered. I am shocked every day by how smart he is and by how well behaved he is.

Those of you who have a puppy: It gets so much better! Hang in there!

Here are some recent pictures:


Notice that he has been destuffing his bed?



He's starting to look less like a puppy every day!


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He is addorable and looks like a very good boy. I can't post pics of Bobby at this time because we are technologically challenged, but they are coming soon. Bobby is 15mos. now and everything you say is so true. I am so glad I chose this breed. They are intelligent, funny, and very loving boys. Kudos to his owner too for giving him everything he needs, including gentle discipline.


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He is adorable, he looks like my Scooter. It does get much better. I have been noticing Scooter has been mellowing out lately (at almost 4 years old) but he still is a ball of energy and he is starting to cuddle a lot more. Always looking for something to get in to. Sadie on the other hand has always been pretty mellow and LOVES to cuddle. Just shows you how each dog has their own personality.

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Yes, the puppy days are somewhat behind Henry. On the other hand, I remember reading that a reason to choose a Cairn for a pet is because they exhibit puppy playfulness well into adulthood. Henry looks like he OWNS that chair in the first pic! He is a cutie.

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I was driving a few months ago down the road and I saw a Cairn that I thought was Scooter. In my panic I jumped out of the car and it ran up to me and I realized it wasn't Scooter. He was FULL of energy and ready to play. The owner came out and I told her I also have Cairns and I was complimenting on how cute and energetic her puppy is, her reply was "Puppy? He's 17." I almost fell over and I said "So its true? They never stop being a puppy?"

One reason I love Cairns is that they age well, he was as cute a 1 year old Cairn, they don't seem to get that "old" looks a lot of breeds do and apparently they don't ever really lose that Cairn energy and spunk.

Just wanted to add that little story.

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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