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Many posters have brought up the subjects of cats and the introduction to their Cairn. I had a 12 year old Maine Coone in mourning when I got Scruffy. It never occurred to me that she would not take immediately to her as she loved my beloved Razzle who went to heaven. After some gentle time, Kitty took to Scruffy. Next came Sparky and I thought Sparky may be too taxing as Kitty was getting older, but Kitty took to Sparky as well. As I am with a Pet Rescue, I can not allow a stray to go unloved and a Manx was abandoned a few weeks ago. Initially I thought I would leave at the rescue and get it adopted as I knew a Manx kitten would actually get adopted. I do not like our vets at the rescue and since this was "my" rescue, I took "Stubby" (no tail on a Manx) to the vet and referred to myself as Stubbys "Mom". My husband and I knew it was all over then and that he was not going to the rescue.... Now, 2 months later and having been around a lot of dogs and cats, I have never seen a puppy (Sparky) and a kitten play the way these 2 do. They literally playfully grab each other around the neck and roll all over the floor and then they lick and clean each other. Sparky is in love with Stubby and it is mutual. At first I was very afraid of the claws and Sparky getting hurt, but when I put my hand in the m

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My old dog, a Chow mix, loved to play with my brother's Maine Coon. When the cat was small, he'd hook his claws into her massive fur and ride along the underside of her. The cat was totally bummed when he got too big to do this. My Chow passed away last November and I was hoping Mitty, the cat, would take to Kenna, my Cairn. They've only been together one weekend and it didn't go over well. However, my finicky cat has ever so slowly warmed up to Kenna, so who knows.





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