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Casey is 8 months old and gets so overly excited over many things. Even though its not vicious aggression its still aggression and i'd like to get control.

some of the things that set her off are:

Other dogs- she wants to pounce on them to play and sniff. If we're walking she growls, pulls to the point she goes up on 2 legs.

The Vacuum - ughh. she'd love to kill it

Kids playing ball - if she watchs from the window and feels excluded she goes bonkers

she's lovable and adorable but sometimes shes downright embarrassing. I want to take her places but hesitate. helpme

anyway. i can use some advise if anyone can offer any..

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you have good instincts about how things are going with casey. a lot of owners would laugh it off as playfulness, but cairns have to be taught to see a difference between play and aggression. there are LOTS of threads here, as this is a major cairn issue. it's good you want to intervene now, while casey is still young enough to start controlling herself and deal with a disciplined environment, without making her too discouraged or unhappy! in my experience, my cairn is pleased with himself when he makes decisions that make me happy with him. but, to control themselves and make the right decisions, cairns have to be able to see the difference between right and wrong. you are definitely on the right track.

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thanks pk,

you made some very good points. and yes! i totally agree on what you said about not discouraging her or making her too unhappy.

i need to find the right balance of good behavior without squashing her natural spunk.

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