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Have to leave Will for a week :(


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I have to go out of town for 7 days for a work trip, leaving early Saturday morning. This will be Will's first time being left. We lost Gracie 6 weeks ago and he has adjusted pretty well but still seems a little lonely for her at times. Anyhow, I have a great sitter for him - coming to my home to care for him. I have been over the instructions with her, left a long list of his "habits" and several close friends as emergency numbers for her as well. I have the Vet's number posted on the fridge and left a credit card with the vet in case of any emergencies.

I am so worried - almost sick about it. My biggest concern is that he will be worried that I have left him. He is super close to me - even more so since Gracie passed. Unfortunately it is not a trip I can get out of or I would!

Do any of you have any tips on anything I may be forgetting to do before I leave? Or any tips on anything I can do to make it any easier on him

Yes, I am almost a nervous wreck! Makes me sick to my stomach worrying about him and hoping he doesn't fret that I am gone for good.... :(

Thanks in advance, Linda

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Gosh, it sounds like you've done an outstanding job covering all the bases. Does Will know the sitter??? If so, I wouldn't worry too much about him no being familiar with the person. Otherwise, I would see if you could get that person to come meet Will before you leave. So he knows this person is "good" in your books. Although, knowing all of our Cairn's personalities... they'll leave us for some other stranger any day of the week. Friendly little critters they are!

Is there a high quality treat you give Will for special occasions? Maybe that can be something the sitter can give him? You could always leave behind in his crate or place that he sleeps an item that has your scent on it... tshirt, sleep shirt, towel, blanket, etc.

The ONLY thing I would consider (if your vet doesn't offer this service) is leave the location and phone number to the closest Animal ER... JUST in case.

Oh... and when you leave the house, I would make sure the sitter takes Will out for a long walk instead of seeing you leaving the house and him behind in it without you. We do that every time we leave our 2 with my mom. We kiss them goodbye and she takes them out for a long walk. She says they come back to the house and act a little odd like they are looking for us, but get over it really quickly and on to the next interest poing... like a toy or treat, etc.

In my mind you've truly covered all your bases... and all the bases I lined up for my mom (our sitter) we we started going on trips after having our dogs.

Good luck! He'll do just fine! And just think of the super happy reunion you'll have when you return.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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When I left Lena with my father (her grandfather) for our vacation, he said she acted like she didn't even know we were gone. She did know him, from visits, but never more than a few hours, and she had only been to his house once. She was having a blast.

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will will be alone in the house at night? i used to leave my dogs in the house, with a sitter visiting three times a day, but at night they made a ruckus. if will will be alone at night, you might ask the sitter to check with neighbors about whether he is noisy at night (better than waiting for them to complain), and if he is loud you might have a backup plan.

my backup plan was a very nice kennel which my dog enjoys more than being alone.

either way, will won't think you have abandoned him! dogs know these things. he will be anxious for you to come back, but that is only natural. he knows he will see you as soon as you are able.

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Thanks so much for the replies... :)

I will leave him a shirt of mine in his kennel - great idea! Thanks Darcy's Folks

The vet I use does have a 24 hour emergency service

I love the idea of him going for a walk as I leave - less traumatic for me, that's for sure.

He does know the girl that is staying with him - and he LOVES her, so I don't have to do the "getting aquainted thing"

She is staying the night with him as well.

Thanks for replying - makes me feel a bit more at ease. I am hoping he doesn't miss me and thanks for the reassurance that he will know I am returning. He is getting extra spoiled today since i leave in the morning.

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sure sounds like you've thought it through and i bet he'll be fine.

i do hope you can go away with a clear head knowing you're sweetie is in good hands and will forget the time apart the minute he see's you come back though the door.

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If he knows the sitter & loves her, and she's staying with him over night you've got it made!!!! I'm sure it will be okay, it sounds like this will be more traumatic on you than on him, but I can understand that. I hope time goes by fast and you'll be home before you know it!


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