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Yesterday on Oprah

Izabella's Mom

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It was awesome...

She had her veterinarian come on the show, a holistic minded guy by the name of Goldstein.

He made a list of the best way to feed your dog.

Guess what was No. 1.

Ready? (drum roll - scroll down)

FRESH RAW MEAT. I was so happy. Number two was home cooked fresh food, 3 was premium human grade canned, 4 was premium canned, then premium kibble then generic kibble.

I have friends who look at me like I'm crazy when we talk about this topic. Some people don't even want their dogs around my dogs!

Here's a link to the show: Oprah's Dog Lover's Show

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I am so ticked, I recorded the wrong day and then forgot about it on the right day.....doh! I wish you could watch it online, but they just have little snippits. I really wanted to see it.

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Oprah also had her dog trainer who has helped in teaching her dogs (Golden Retrievers) manners, as the trainer put it. Her name is Tamar Gellar and has authored a book titled, The Loved Dog. She used treats, but the dog's main reward was love. The aim was to teach the dog manners so it could be a member of a family. I liked her attitude and methods. They seemed more in line with my goal. My dogs won't be in show rings or competitions. They are pets and part of our family. I'm going to see if I can get Gellar's book from the library. If I like it well enough, I'll buy it.

MAKE it a GREAT day!!! :D


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My vet says stay away from raw food like the plague. I guess he saw a whole bunch of salmonella poisoning to pups during his veternary schooling. I don't know... I gave them raw medallions once and no sickness but boy did they LOVE THAT.

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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Dusty didn't get the memo about dogs liking raw meat. I dropped a piece of raw chicken he ran over sniffed it and walked off. I popped it in the microwave and he scarfed it like he was starving. He must believe that every Cairn deserves a personal chef.

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Okay, that was really funny!! I just started home feeding and my puppy's "issues" pottying went away just like that! I am a true believer. Wish I had known about the Oprah show, don't watch often.

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For Packy's 3rd birthday this week, I gave him a raw chicken wing. First time we've tried raw, but he loved it. Now I've got this raving carnivore in the house, I'm sure. DH says we'll have to watch our throats at night...

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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