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Where have I been?


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B)B) WOOF! Eli here!

It has been a long summer. I have been here all the time, reading and not posting. I have been keeping up with all your adventures. The Alpha B had a lot of stuff done around the house and yard this summer and I had to help. I know the carpenters, painter, and landscapers appreciated my assistance.

I did NOT get to go to Minnesota this year. Something about the stupid Alpha B's post-op foot and her inability to walk me. Poor excuse, if you ask me. I was hoping to catch a big bear since I didn't get to last year. So I had to stay home and supervise the teen-alien, who had a big party cuz he knew I wouldn't tell. The Alpha B found out anyway, but I didn't tell.

I was snooping thru the Alpha B's magazines the other day and noticed one of US on the cover of a Better Homes and Gardens "Walls and Windows" issue. He's not a cute as me. I hope the Alph B doesn't get any crazy ideas about ME working. I have a great life and I don't want to mess it up. I get to do all the eatin', sleepin', rompin', stompin', and chompin' that I want. Oh, and don't forget the BARKIN'! WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOFFWOOF!!!!!!!! Gosh, I LOVE that!

Now the Alpha B tells me she's gotta get that other foot fixed! So I gotta watch HER so she doesn't walk on it and have to have extra surgery like last time. I suppose I will have to clean those pins stickin' out of her toes again. So much responsibility, but I am so up for it.

I hope all you pups are following the CUR guidelines. Remember, CHAOS, not destruction!


Eli :king:

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Yo Eli!

We've been worried about you, our leader and mentor! We thought maybe when Alpha B wasn't looking you dug your way to China or something. Now I can see why we didn't hear from you - you had all those people running amuck in YOUR house and you had to take charge of them. Your work is NEVER done!

I'm sorry to hear your mommy's gone have those pins again. My mom had them too. Looks ridiculous if you ask me!

I'm following the rules and barking my fool head off anytime those little uprights go by with the board with wheels on it. They annoy me no end!

Stay in touch - we miss our King!

Faithfully yours,


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Hey Eli,

Good to hear from you, I know what you mean we also had a lot of stuff done around the house, and as always I was great help, specially putting up the fnece, which I supervised the entire time that was being done, and now that is finally done my uprights can't understand why I don't want to poop in the yard and I still make them take me for a walk down the street so i can poop far away from my clean yard!!! You get annoyed by those wooden things on wheels too!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

Good luck with the toe pins maintenance!!

Stay in touch


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Welcome back, Eli! I haven't been around much this summer. It's really hot here (104 today!) so we have been spending a lot of time inside sleepig!

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Ahhh, my fearless leader speaks!! You would be so proud of me if you could see how I have perfected the GOCRAZYBARKINGYOURFOOLHEADOFF technique! My uprights don't appreciate my endless desire to practice my skills... They just don't understand me...

My best example of the GCBYFHO phenomenon is when my Mom makes mac and cheese out of a box. All she has to do is get the box out of the cupboard and I am standing at attention! When she begins to tear the top off the box, I start in, goin' all crazy. But the height of my performance comes when she POURS the dry macaroni into the pan. It makes this "shower of rocks" sound that just drives me to the moon!! I get airborn on my lead, bark, snarl and just go basically berzerk!!! You should see it

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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