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Remy's grounded


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I've been too much of a softie, too lenient and guilty for not watching Remy 100% of the time he's free in the house (how can one person watch a 4 month old terror constantly?) He loves to play with Winnie and Maddy and because they get along together so well, I've been letting them have fun.

But I am forgetting that he's still a young puppy...

I take him outside every hour and he will usually do business (good puppy) but he is also doing business on the hallway rug, the den rug, the living room rug, the kitchen floor and I cannot believe how much pee comes out of him! It's like I can't even blink without having him puddle somewhere.

He never poops in the house and can pretty much "tell" me when he needs to go out but for that other bodily function... :confused:

I've talked with the vet and had a sample of urine run for an infection.....clean!

So now I've "fenced" off our kitchen area for him when he's in the house and not being watched CONSTANTLY! I feel bad because he looks like a lost soul in there even though he has toys, cuddle bed, water and that's where all the action is (I like to cook).

It's so hard being tough.......

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Just the title of your post gave me a chuckle! Poor baby Remy. :confused: I am such a sucker for that puppy face. I remember with Scully and my first Cairn, I felt like such a bad Cairn mommy when they were behind the baby gate in the kitchen. Like you said, it's not like they're deprived of anything.

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At least Remy can use his age as an excuse for not being 100%. I got back from a camping trip to the boundary waters and asked my son if the dogs had any accidents while we were gone that I needed to attend to knowing full well he probably didn't spray them down. I took a black light out to be sure and found more than one accident. My boys are 1 1/2 and 2 years old! What gives???

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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You use the black light? OMG....I'd be terrified at what I'd find. :lol:

I do shampoo my carpets every month and use Natures Miracle but still, I'll bet parts of my hallway would light up like moon rocks!

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