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Dog Days of Summer


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My civic leage hosted a "Dog Daze of Summer" picnic to raise money for a local dog park. I was really nervous to take Bruski, because he's had some problems with other dogs in the neighborhood.... but we decided to brave it and I'm glad we did. Bruski had a few outbreaks in the beginning (and we got some horrified looks), but within 15 minutes he was fine and enjoying himself! I was so proud of the little guy. Here's a few of the activities:

- Paw Reader (more of a joke, but still fun)

- Doggie Daiquiris (homemade frozen treats)

- PAWcasso prints (we dipped their paws in paint and made paw prints with their name on colored paper)

- Doggie pools (kiddie pools - it was hot!)

- Free hot dogs (for the dogs of course)

- Doggy parade

- Contests for the Best Trick, Best Smile, Looks Most Like Their Owner, Best Dresses, etc.

Not a great picture - but the only one we have....


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Wow, that sounds like fun. My community is trying to raise funds to build a dog park in our neighborhood. I should suggest something like that to the committee.

Thanks for sharing!

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Sounds like fun! How did the paw dipping thing go? We have a new dog park but we can't go due to how much cookie freaks out about other dogs. I think it is a wonderful idea though for dogs who can handle it! Hope they raised a bunch of $$

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The paw paintings went well, although Bruski didn't do one. The paints were similiar to water-color paints and there was a doggie pool for rinsing paws.

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Wow, that sounds really fun. I am glad that y'all braved it and took your precious little cairn. Siggy has some dog aggression also, but the more we "socialize" him the better he does. Wish my neighborhood would do something that fun.

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I would go crazy if it weren't for dog parks. I live in a condo, so I don't have a yard, but dog parks are plentiful in the Los Angeles area. The dog parks provide Kenna a place to run, chase tennis balls, and play with other dogs. I am fortunate in that she has always been well-socialized. I am so grateful to the people who raised the funds and community support to get our local dog park built.

We had a "Best Friends Strut your Mutt" charity walk here a couple months back. I was nervous about taking Kenna, not sure how she'd behave on a leash with all those dogs, but it was tons of fun and she did pretty well. Glad to see those obedience classes paying off. She even got a participant goodie bag with treats and toys. Her trainer said it's always good to get them out and about with other dogs and people.

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