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Miss my girl


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I'm in Yellowstone on vacation, been away for 5 days, have seen several loving people with there dog's and I miss my girl Saidi :crybaby: I know she is having a great time though, but kind of hope she misses me a bit. Saidi is staying with my mother, step father, and their Maltese Casey. Casey has finally started to accept Saidi in the past year and my girl loves to go and play with him. I just say the name Casey and her little butt starts wagging 100MPH! Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for sympathie because I miss my girl and also trying to accept the fact that she is doing just fine without me. Oh well, 4 more days and I'll be back to normal trying to figure out why she's going nuts trying to pull the drain tile out from under the deck or digging a hole under the play house :blush: The next couple of necessary baths will be like heaven!!!

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Last year when we went to Maine on vacation it was hard, we missed the boys. We've taken care of that this year.... they are coming with.

We'll be in PA and WV this time.

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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I know the feeling!! i don't go on vacations either, at least not with the entire family.

In October I'm going to India for 2 1/2 weeks on a trek through the Hymalayas, for the Save the Children Charity.

I' am going to miss my babies big time :crybaby:

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Our family takes a big trip to the beach every fall (the past three years to the Outer Banks of NC) and last year we took Barney with us. He was only 5 1/2 months old, but he was soooooo good on the 18 hour car ride! He just slept in his crate and didn't make a peep! Now the hotel room was another story, but let's not go there....

It costs more to bring your dog with you on a trip, no question. We are paying $90 to have him in our beach home for a week, and $20 in extra fees at the hotels en route. But I cannot imagine boarding him for that long. He would be so upset. I don't have any relatives that are willing to take him in, so boarding is my only option. Thankfully, our big trip is accomodating for pets.

I think now that so many facilities are pet friendly, it is so much easier to take your dog along. Thankfully for me and for Barney, our trips have been able to include him!

And let's face it, ya just can't get shots like this with your furbaby at home......


All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Ha, Ha. Very funny. <_<

That was a little clump of seaweed! I figured a little natural iodine wouldn't hurt him! I don't think he even ate it anyway! :thumbsup:

You should have seen how he would chase and kill crabs at night! He would duck and dodge like a prize fighter, then in ONE chomp he bit and pulled back, puncturing their shell and instantly killing them!!!! I was constantly amazed... I think Barney would have been a Irish farmer's dream dog. Nothing would survive his gaze!

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Know exactly what you mean. It's awful isn't it cos you instinctively go to do something a certain way, then realise you don't have to cos your Cairn isn't there!

I went into hospital last Sunday for brain surgery (aneurysms again) and we go and collect Fergus today. Hubby doesn't want me to accompany him in case Fergus trips me up again & breaks a limb, like he did after one of my other brain surgeries - but no way am I being left out of seeing his little face when we turn up.

He stays with a lovely lady who is also a groomer so he will attend her beauty salon before we get him, and she only boards little dogs which are given the run of her well fenced property. When we dropped him off, 10 other little dogs came to greet him, so I bet he's had a great week racing around with them. He normally sleeps for 2 whole days on his return so I get a reprieve for a while

Happy, happy, happy


Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
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I think a great kennel can be better for your dog than going with you on vacation. I've just moved and am in search of that great kennel in my new home state though. Out in Oregon, we found a kennel that my pup liked SO MUCH that I felt bad taking him away from there the last visit he had! When I arrived to pick him up, he ran to me and wiggled around, but then when I tried to leash him, he wouldn't listen to my commands at all and ran away! He ran off in pursuit of the kennel owner and did exactly what HE told him to do. A sign of a good kennel - the dog acts like you are taking him away from great fun! To a dog, I think a good kennel can be like a vacation resort. At this one he got plenty of exercise and interaction with humans and dogs, and it was a grand adventure!

I'm sure Saidi's having a blast!

....I may be signing a different tune in a few days...about to test out kennel number 2 in my new area for the weekend. It can't be worse than attempt #1 where they failed to tell me that the dogs were in crate sized stacked enclosures rather than RUNS! grrr.....!!!

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