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Close call....


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We went away for four days over the weekend with two other families and their two labs. We stayed in this large house on 100 acres, it was beautiful and the girls had an absolute blast and wore themselve out so much they did nothing but sleep the day after we got home.

However our holiday could have ended in tragedy - we arrived late at night and the girls did all the usuall sniffing/exploring, they were able to get behind the fridge and also checked out the floor of the pantry as someone left the door open. The next morning hubby came into the bathroom where I was showering and said "Roxy has just been sniffing some 'rat sack' (poison) in the pantry and we've found some more behind the fridge." :shock: One of the labs had been in there with her and no one knew if either dog had eaten any. I tried not to panic as we were nowhere near any vets and our mobile phones didn't even work (too remote) so I couldn't ring a vet either. Hubby didn't think they had eaten any and niether dog was showing any sign of poisoning and luckily both were okay. I've been told they would show signs quite quickly and also that there is something in it to deter dogs from eating it. I was really surprised the owner had left baits in such accessable places as it is rented out to families and a small child could easily have found it too. However next time we go somewhere I'll be doing a thorough search before the dogs are set free.

But just to show they had a good time after all here they are boating on the dam with the kids.


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So glad both dogs seem ok. In the pics looks like you have 4 that want the fish....mine would have jumped in. Looks like a lot of fun!

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We had the same thing happen to us with Packy when we went up early to stay at a friend's cabin. Luckily, we could call a vet, and were told to give him hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up. Boy, did he hate that, but everything came up and he was fine. I kind of doubt that he actually ate any, but we were glad it all turned out fine. Glad yours did, too!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Was it the Pellets that was there? if so, so that everyone knows, a dog or cat would have to ingest pounds of the stuff to get really sick. If it was a gel or any type of soft poison is adifferent story, those pellets have anti-coagulants and the mice/rat beeld to death. But in order for a dog or human to have anything serious happen to them you will need to snack on a few cases.

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Jock ate a whole box of ratsack when he was a puppy. Some clown threw it over our fence and tried to poison him. He was very lucky to survive.

- Chris

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Oh my goodness!!!!!!! How horrible to try to poison someone's dog!!!!!!

I would have invited the neighbor over for some rat sack trail mix! :w00t:

Just kidding.....I don't advocate poisoning neighbors! :D

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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