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what age should the first stripping be?


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Depends on the individual somewhat. We've always removed the puppy fluff before they went home at 12 weeks.

There's a great before/after picture in this topic: http://www.cairnterrier.org/forum/index.ph...amp;#entry31253

Another view of puppy fluff: http://www.cairnterrier.org/forum/index.ph...ost&p=33878

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Brad....did the puppy fuzz come out easily? I've been working on Remy, 13 weeks old now and there are areas where this fuzz doesn't want to come out...other spots it pulls easily.

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I have found that always best to do the stripping in sessions. They don't get as irritated, if done this way as compared to all at once. After a time it all depends how long you want their hair. We live mostly in the south so we try to keep it pretty tight, short hair. Some we have seen in the northern states like theirs to be a bit longer, may be the cold, don't really know. The best thing I like is once you get the first picking done and look at their new hair, that is way you have as far as real color of their coat. Puppies are so cute after all the fuzz is gone and they are growing into the dog stage. So very glad to read all that do the stripping, it is almost a lost trade, not many groomers or breeders do this any more (except for show). Good luck and have fun, cairns are the best.

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I have been picking at our almost 11 week old pup just to kind of get a feel for it. how many hairs are you pulling at once. I am not sure that its coming out easy enough. If I pull more than a couple at a time the jaws start coming around.

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There is really no set amount to pull. Usually the lighter longer ones are the (what is called in show world) the dead ones. They are ones that feel the most dry and coarse. If you look at what you have already pulled you should see a healthy undercoat, and a healthy top coat. You should see a uniform or same length of hair. Make sure you look on the sites that bradl has given. The puppy fuzz that is refered to is what I mean about the longer easier pulled out hairs.

Almost forgot, treats are a good distraction when doing this pulling of the hair. I started pulling puppy hair as they sat in my lap or on the floor, keep the treats as a nibbler, as they nibble at your one hand holding the treat pull the hair with the other.

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