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Accidently Shaved Cairn!


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I brought my 1 year old Cairn, Izzy, to her vet for grooming. I forgot to specifiy "hand-strip" (which she has had done 2-3 times previously) and the groomer shaved her! How long until she has her regular long coat back? Is there anything I need to do to help faciliate her hair growth?

Attached are before and after pics of her.



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Aaawww poor thing.

Thankfully hair grows back.

It looks pretty short, can you see her skin through what's left of the coat? if yes, take care when out in the sun so she doesn't get sun burned.

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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What was that groomer thinking? Sure hope she didn't charge for that! I would think she would make sure she knew what to do and, if she didn't, would at least check what she had done in the past. Or waited to talk to you.

It does grow back, but I like my cairns a little scruffy...

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Groomers! Poor little thing... I guess we can consider it a summer cut :( I'm so glad we learned to take care of our girls' coats at home - at least it will grow back, but just becareful of sunburns

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Oh my....And she actually looks embarrassed by it all.

Yes, her hair will grow back but I hope you told your groomer just how unhappy you were.

Izzy needs a big hug!

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Poor baby! She'd naked! I've seen a cairn with an accidental westie or schnauser haircut, but never with a shave - what on earth was the groomer thinking? I sure hope you refused to pay!

Just like on people...bad haircuts grow back, I'm sure!

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Poor sweetie Izzy! Just think of it this way... you'll save lots of money not having to take her to the groomer for a while... and she'll be really cool on those long summer walks. I'm sorry that happened. It will grow back!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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Well, it stinks that it happened...but she still looks adorable! Hair grows back :) ...just ask me...My 3 year old daughter has never had a haircut, until yesterday--when she decided to giver HERSELF a lil' trim!!!


We're the Cairns of America

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