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A Cairn and a Westie

Izabella's Mom

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Having 2 brings so many new challenges to the training game. Someone had mentioned that 2 terrier bitches together might be problematic. Izabella is 7 months old and my Westie pup (whose age I do not really know) is between 4 and 6 months.

A few real fights have broken out. Food is usually involved. Amazingly, no blood has been drawn but Izabella has had the Westie's scalp in her mouth and the screaming and snarling were, unmistakably, agression.

There is me, my husband (not a dog savy guy) my 16 year old and 9 year old sons and my elderly mom. I am trying to establish our pack. It's hard enough to keep myself on top of these two girls as the leader. I can't let my guard down. I also have to get them to see the rest of the family as above them in pecking order.

I have to think like a dog.

I love it.

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I have two females that I've raised together from the puppy stage and there were some "minor" disagreements between the two before the alpha personality developed in the stronger one. We of course remained the head alpha of the house and made sure that we dictated expectations from both. We were able to feed both side by side but with supervision so that one didn't steel from the other. You can also try separating the two. My littlest and softest of the two sometimes still prefers to dine alone - outside on the patio or in her separate area and refuses to eat until we move her bowl to a separate room - most times she's fine eating side by side the other one. Make sure the stronger personality doesn't pick on the weaker one - and if things get to agressive separate them and either isolate the naughty one in the crate for a bit to signal pack punishment - eventually they learn what's expected and how to co-exist together beautifully

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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