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Never Thought it Would Happen


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When we first brought Greta home back in November, Jake was scared to death of her. He would run and jump on to the highest place he could find (at the time Greta was too young to jump that high). Over the months with lots of patience and correction they have become good friends (not best friends but close). They play so well together, she wears him out but after a few minutes of rest and a drink of water they are both chasing each other around the family room. One of these days I will take a short video of it. I am so happy that they finally get along so well. Of course Jake has his moments when he wants left alone and Greta has learned to respect him.

Here are a couple of pictures of them resting in the car. I took them both to town with me for few errands, this is way they were on the entire trip.




There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog. -- Konard Lorenz
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Awww... they are so sweet together. Seems like they have totally accepted each one's place in the family. So glad things turned out good for you. They look pretty calm to me in those pics, like they had had a full day of it.

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Oh that is so sweet, they do look like best friends (even if you say they aren't). They must be pretty close to snuggle up together like that, looks like they have had a hard day shopping.

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LOVE IT! And I completely understand the excitement of them being that close. We got Darcy as a puppy and she was the only dog. We adopted Bailey who was a little over 1 in October last year. On our car ride home from adopting Bailey at the pound, Bailey and Darcy both curled up in the backseat to nap but on seperate ends of the bench. Darcy then got up and tried to curl up with Bailey. Bailey growled very loud at her and she has been very cautious of his "personal space" when sleeping ever since. We have since figured out that Bailey is afraid of either getting squished or stepped on. So the growl is not be be vicious but warning that you are getting close to him. (he has NEVER been agressive, NEVER showed his teeth and NEVER bitten any of us or Darcy when doing this). We figure something must have happened to him when he was younger in one of his previous homes.

Anyway, he still does his "warning" growl whenever he is sleeping and someone is bumping him, but the growl is much more quiet now and he will accept Darcy laying near him or touching him. And we of course find it even sweeter when Bailey chooses to curl up on Darcy. Otherwise they're the best of friends and romp hard core together!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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