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What happened when I brought Izzie to Home Depot

Izabella's Mom

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I decided to give the girls, Izzie my 6 month old Cairn and Shonah, my 5 month old Westie a wee bit of pineapple. A little later me and my 9 year old son and the dogs headed off to Home Depot to get a few things. On the drive over there, I kept noticing these uh, gaseous smells that were unbelievable. The dogs looked like perfect angels snoozing in the back so I looked at my son and asked if it were him and even though he denied it, I was still suspicious.

The smell kept on occurring.

At Home Depot, I get my custom paint mixed and I put it in the bottom of the cart and the dogs are in the cart and my son says, "Mom, see! I told you it wasn't me!" And I look and there is green diarrhea dripping from Izabella and onto the paint can. I quickly headed off looking for some privacy when my son says "Oh man! That's AMAZING!" What was amazing was how long a line of pee there was coming from the Westie as I was hurrying off to find a private spot to think of something.

I was dying.

I remembered I had a little moist wipe in my bag. It was only an inch square :( and I cleaned up as best I could with this tiny wipe. Then I used the self check out so nobody had to touch the disgusting paint can (except me).

I now only take them one at a time to a store.

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sheila and Misty

oh man! I guess that one of te reasons pets arent allowed in any pgh stor except pet smart. I would have died All my emotions would have collapsed :confused1::censored::whistle::D:wub::crybaby:

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:lol: Sorry to be snickering but I'm sure after you got home, cleaned the paint can & wiped their little butts, you had a grin on your face. And your son's comments made the entire story even more funny.

Any coincidence that the paint color was green? :whistle:

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ok, so we are not supposed to be laughing at that terrible experience, but your sons reaction made it even funnier!!! if that was my son, he would have either ran away or thrown up.... :whistle:

Your poor little doggies...I guess I wont be giving our dog any pineapple....

by the way- did they like the pineapple?

hope their little tummies are all recovered.

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I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thankyou for the funnest story ever told on this website! :thumbsup:


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