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Cairn Nails

Izabella's Mom

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I had a huge problem with my precious dog, Razzle (2/20/06). I did not keep his nails trimmed and one split and he had a problem for the last 5 years of his life due to that one nail. The last 2 years he could not walk on his right paw. My vet said we should have removed the nail, but he was 14 when it got bad and no one wanted to sedate him. I now take my dogs to PetsMart every 6 weeks as I have learned th nail bed will recede if you trim frequently. I do not have to get the back paws trimmed every time as I walk them on concrete sidewalks frequently. I will always feel badly about Razzles nail and the pain I know he was in.

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sheila and Misty

I couldnt touch my last dogs nails and the vet had 4people to hold him for it but on the other hand I have Misty use to it. not crazy about it but We get-er-done! even if its 3 nails a day. even if you take just a smidge-the veins do recede and les chance of a problem-besides its easier on them if you dont wait too long in between -keeps them use to the fact that..hey its part of our routine. Id say every 3-4 monts depends on how fast they are growing. and believe me that wont stop the digging even if they have to resort to nose digging. :P

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Packy grows toenails so fast it's scary! We have to trim them every 2 weeks at least, and sometimes weekly. It takes 3 people at the vet's office to do it with clippers, but DH and I can get them done with a Dremel pretty quickly ourselves. He still hates it, but he's used to it and doesn't complain too much.

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Believe it or not, Barney is 15 months old and his nails have only been trimmed once! The secret is nice long walks on concrete!! His nails are always naturally filed down. The only one I have to trim is the dew claw, which gets really long and hooked.

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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If she tends to wear them down to a nice short length then you shouldn't have to do much other than file them and check for splitting. I personally want my dogs nails as short as possible. Nails that are left too long can over time break down the bones in the feet, causing injuries and arthritis.

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