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I have puppy envy!


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Oh my goodness, what little punkins they are! The precious face on that one that stares at the camera...

Then I watched all the other Cairn terrier videos! Wow, now there's some scary grooming jobs!! :o

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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That brought memories of our first visit to meet our Keegan his breeder! I could've taken all the puppies and her three adults :wub: ! If only I had just a little bit more $$$ that I I could be certain I could provide for all their needs :whistle:

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sheila and Misty
I don't know why I watched it.....I knew it would make me yearn for another puppy!

Don't worry, I'm just watching!

we say go with that urge!-hey,,whos better equipped to get another cairn but a cairn owner,,I'm sure you can find a space in your heart! believe me I would have more than one if it was only up to me :P

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" I would have more than one if it was only up to me"

I already have two....and my DH would KILL me if I brought home another one!

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Ohhh, they are all sooo sweet. DD and I watched them all and ooohhed and aahhhed at all of them. Makes me wish mine were puppies again... or maybe not.

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I have puppy envy, too. I have been on a breeder's list for a female Cairn for a while now. She had a litter in March....3 males. Then she had another litter recently. There are 2 females in the litter, but she and a good friend both want a female for show. If one of them proves not to be of show quality, I will get one. Otherwise, she is planning two litters for the fall, and I am at the top of the list for a female. It is all proving to be an exercise in patience. They say good things come to those who wait. I'm waiting for a little girl puppy meant for me. Of course, then I'll have to talk, plead, or beg my DH to let me get it. :innocent: Somehow, I'll get my little girl. :) I've already got some possible names picked out.

MAKE it a GREAT day!!! :D


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