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Henry is a year old today!

Time really flies. He is such a fun, sweet dog. We made a cake for ourselves (because we are crazy) and gave him a cookie.

He also got some new toys:




He couldn't understand why he had to be in jail on his birthday, though:


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Happy Birthday little Henry!!! He looks exactly like Barney! Same coloring and everything! Too cute!

I love the picture of Henry's choppers sinking into his birthday toy!! How long did it last? :lol:

Barney spent his birthday with little freedom as well. But he got a nice romp in the park, some greaat treats, and a ball which he promptly destroyed! I figured that would happen, so I wisely shopped in the 88 cent bin at Walmart!

I think for Barney's next birthday I will get him a nice fresh can of tennis balls. They are the only thing he can't/won't destroy! :)

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Thanks, everybody! The purple elephant is still intact and the chew thing is keeping him busy, so he's happy! Looks like it was a successful birthday.

Toby23 - He never escapes from jail. He climbed out once while we were visiting family, but has never even attempted it again (unless he climbs back in while we're gone... stranger things HAVE happened). He is very content in his pen.

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Hmmmm, wonder it the operative word is content ! I do think I have quite the jumper on my hands, Toby jumps next to the kitchen counter, eyeballs what he wants and in a few jumps snags it off the counter.......nothing is safe ! Where did you buy the pen at ? I've looked at a few, and asked a store clerk some questions, but they really didn't know what they were selling. I basically want to know if you can use more then one x-pen to make them larger, as in sq. footage larger....

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Ohhhh Henry! Your'e so cute! Happy birthday guy, it sure looks like you had a wonderful day! I sure do love all your photos... especially the 1st & 2nd!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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