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Adding the Third Cairn to the House


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Hello everybody,

We are adding a new member to our family, Colby, he is a 14 week old cairn on April 25th that we adopted from one of our breeder friends. He is the grandson of our Bailey (6year old Female cairn) and somehow related to our other cairn Dale Evans (4 year old Female cairn). Both girls get along fine with each other and hopefully will open their hearts up to having a little puppy boy running around the house. Any tips or secrets to introducing and living with three of these darlings would greatly be apreciated. We have told Bailey that her grandson is comming to live with her but she seem unintersted right now.

Darrell, Claire, Dale and Bailey....soon to be Colby

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I didn't have any problem when I brought Harley home but I watched them carefully and she was always crated when she wasn't with me. CONGRATS on your new addition

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Just be sure you keep everything the same for the older two, same feeding order, puppy last, same sleeping. When I added my second, my first was very upset, since he had been an only dog for so long. When I added my third, the first was fine with it, it was like "hey I've been through this before and nothing in my life changed". It was my second who was so upset, she just couldn't believe the mistakes the puppy was making, (like stealing mom's shoes, having accidents, etc.) she was sure mom was mad when I had to yell at the puppy to get him to stop doing something, so I found I had to give her alot of attention to let her know everything was ok.


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Thank You for the great advice. We got Dale in Nov 2005 then Added Bailey in March of 06. Bailey was always the Alpha in any pack that she was with so Dale had no problem because she was the lowest on the totempole of her three litter mates. From what the lady that we are getting Colby from (same person we got Dale and Bailey from) said that the two girls will show him what to do and Bailey will let him know that she is the queen of the house.

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